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Exterminate all pests from your home today without using toxic chemicals in the process.

Are you tired of fighting a losing battle against pests such as mice, rats, ants, or cockroaches invading your home or office? Our pest management and removal services are quick, easy, and discrete. Hiring a professional pest control company with over 10 years of experience is the best way to give yourself peace of mind.

Hamilton Emergency Pest Control is available to take care of all infestation problems immediately. Call 365-602-8405 for a phone consultation today.

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Emergency Pest Control Hamilton, ON

Did you know cockroaches and other common pests reproduce extremely fast? Act quickly to avoid a massive infestation.

We have developed a great treatment plan over the years that eliminates any infestation effectively. Each of our removal methods is environmentally friendly as well as humane. Emergency Pest Control Hamilton is a customer-oriented business that strives for customer satisfaction with every job. As a result, we make sure that there are no harsh smells or waste left behind and we offer a one-year guarantee.

Our team strives to remove unwanted pests and wildlife quickly to minimize any damage they could cause to your home or health. It only takes a few days for pest issues to get out of control, so don't wait weeks or months before hiring professional exterminators. Call us today to speak with a qualified technician and request a free quote for Hamilton Pest Control.


Emergency Pest Control Hamilton, ON

A survey published by The Hamilton Spectator revealed Hamilton is seventh on the list of cities in Canada with the worst bed bug infestations.

It can happen to anyone. Here are a few of the main services we offer to prevent our customers in Hamilton from experiencing bed bugs or other infestations:

Bed Bug Treatment & Inspection – Bed bugs can be hard to spot and exterminate. We will inspect your home, identify their nest, and treat them aggressively by thoroughly spraying the infested area.

Wild Animal Removal – Some animals we would remove include bats, moles, skunks, gophers, snakes, stray pets, possums, raccoons, and squirrels. Our team will set humane traps to lead them into cages and then release them to their natural habitat.

Insect Infestations – Common insect infestations requiring extermination are cockroaches, ants, and bed bugs. This would often include a spray treatment that requires homeowners to leave the home for a few hours. Other insects we spray for include: beetles, bedbugs, cave crickets, carpenter ants, termites, ticks, earwigs, fleas, spiders, mites, mosquitos, and silverfish.

Mice & Rats - Setting traps is a great idea, but often doesn't achieve the desired result. If the entry points are not found and properly sealed, the rodents will continue to enter which can become a serious health risk. It is important to seal off these entry points, especially before the winter because this is when mice and rats are looking for a warm place to live. Once the entry points are sealed, the traps become more effective.

No matter what kind of infestation you are experiencing, we are here to help. Call us today at 365-602-8405 or fill out our online form for immediate relief.


Getting rid of pests from your property is as easy as making a phone call. One of our pest removal team members will give you an over-the-phone quote for our work. You can schedule your pest removal on the spot or phone us back later. We often receive phone calls for emergency services, so we are accustomed to doing a job within 24 hours of receiving the phone call.

Our offices are open seven days a week, all months of the year. Our pest removal teams will arrive in unmarked cars so that your privacy is protected. We use shoe covers and gloves to prevent any chemicals from being spread around your property. Following our service, we will clean up any pest detritus and leave your property in pristine condition, like it was before the infestation.

Emergency Pest Control Hamilton, ON


We offer a 1-year 100% Pest Removal Guarantee on each job. Once we exterminate the pests, our extermination experts will create a professional customized plan that will assist you in preventing further infestations.

Our Hamilton Pest Control location also offers effective wildlife control for any home or business. We will arrive at your location on time and in an unmarked vehicle to keep your Hamilton infestation issue private.

Emergency Pest Control Hamilton offers a range of eco-friendly and humane pest control options for properties of all sizes. Our company is fully insured and each of our pest removal specialists is licensed in Ontario.

Our pest removal services are also backed by a one-year pest removal guarantee. To get rid of pests on your property once and for all, give us a call at 365-602-8405 to set up an appointment.

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and all other pests! Call us to confirm.

What Our Clients Say

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"Emergency Pest Control Hamilton goes above and beyond for their clients. They took care of our infestation of mice in the office and sealed off all entry points. Thank you! We recommend the team for rodent removal and are confident they could help with all kinds of pest control solutions." -Jim H.

"The exterminator arrived on time and quickly assessed our situation. We scheduled a time to spay the infested area so that I could make sure my family was out of the house. After a few hours, we were able to return and the bed bugs were gone. Highly recommend this company. Well done!" -Jillian W.

"It was a relief to find emergency pest control in Hamilton and get rid of the raccoon in our attic. Great work!" - Miranda G.




(Call and mention code: HAMILTON50 for discount)