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Free Quote By Phone: For any pest problem requiring treatment and preventative measures.

Discreet unmarked vehicles will protect your privacy while our exterminators are on your home or business premises.

Our pest control experts are certified by the Ontario Ministry of Environment to professionally and safely complete extermination services.

Certified Professionals - At Stoney Creek Pest Control, we take pride in our work and are exceeding and achieving performance standards.

Our appointment booking times are flexible and available 7 days a week. We offer free estimates and discounts to our loyal customers.

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We will explain strategies you can use to prevent other pests from invading your house or business.

Emergency Pest Control in Stoney Creek

Instead of suffering through infestations on your own, check out our Stoney Creek hassle-free pest control services.

The last thing any homeowner or business owner wants is pests or animals roaming freely on their property. However, what we want and what pests decide to do are often not mutually exclusive. The pest control and wildlife control experts at Emergency Pest Control of Stoney Creek have encountered a wide range of pests, some of which you may never have even heard of.

However big or small your Stoney Creek pest problem may be, we guarantee to have a solution that will fit your needs. Hiring our highly skilled team of professionals offer benefits such as:

•   Profess advice relating to pest control and wildlife control.

•   Speak with certified experts in the field.

•   Exterminators operating 7 days a week with flexible scheduling for pest and wildlife control.

•   We guarantee our pest removal services for homes and businesses in Stoney Creek for one year.

•   Our team will wear protective gear when visiting homes and businesses to maintain cleanliness.

•   All of our vans are unmarked to protect your privacy during a visit. No one will know about the bed bugs or cockroaches roaming around your property.

•   We offer no-obligation price quotes for all of our pest removal and humane removal animal control services.

If your property is experiencing an influx of bed bugs, raccoons, millipedes, spiders, or any other form of pest, we can help. Call our pest control experts at 365-602-5439 for a free consultation today.

Emergency Pest Control Stoney Creek, Ontario CA

Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services in Stoney Creek

Stoney Creek Emergency Pest Control is able to remove unwanted pests from both commercial clients and residential locations no matter how big or small your property may be. You can get in touch with our office for 24/7 professional service by filling out a form online or giving us a call at 365-602-5439.

Following a no-cost consultation, a team of expert pest control and wildlife removal professionals will be dispatched in a discreet vehicle to get rid of your pest and restore your serenity.

All of our team members hold pest and animal removal certifications. The years of on-the-job experience have given our teams the skills they need to remove pests and provide humane animal control efficiently and safely. We are proud to offer businesses and residential clients in Stoney Creek high-quality pests control and wildlife removal services at an affordable rate.

Emergency Pest Control of Stoney Creek is available to serve you 7 days a week. If you are ready to rid your property of pests and would like to receive a free quote, give us a call at 365-602-5439 or fill out the form below to get started. After getting rid of unwelcome vermin from your home, we will also give you tips that will help keep them from coming back. Emergency Pest Control also services Hamilton, Ontario and Dundas.

Emergency Pest Control Stoney Creek, Ontario CA

Pest Control Services We Offer In Stoney Creek

When you hire a professional exterminator in Stoney Creek, you are making a decision to get rid of pests for good. All of our pest removal agents are trained to safely exterminate vermin and pests in a way that is safe for both pets and the environment. They are also able to humanely remove, trap, or exterminate vermin on your property.

Some of the pests that we are able to target are:

•      Beetles

•      Flies

•      Mites

•      Cockroaches

•      Spiders

•      Raccoons

•      Mice & Rats

•      Bedbugs

•      Millipedes

•      Bees & Wasps

•      Ants

•      Squirrels

•      Birds

•      Wildlife control

•      And more!

For a free quote, ive us a call at 365-602-5439 to find out more about how Emergency Pest Control in Stoney Creek can help rid your property of pests.

How Pest Control Stoney Creek, ON Works

Availing our pest control service is quick and easy. Just give us a call at 365-602-5439 to get a no-obligation estimate for your pest management project. No job is too big or too small for our knowledgeable staff.

Following your estimate, all you need to do is set up a time for our pest control team to visit your location. A team of discreet, yet highly qualified exterminators will arrive at your home or business to get rid of your pesky unwanted visitors. You can keep us company outdoors, or you can run errands while we perform our eco-friendly pest management service. Rest assured, our company will do a great job keep your house safe and clean.

Say goodbye to rodents in the attic, fleas in your furniture, animals in your garage, and cockroaches in your kitchen. One of our helpful technicians will provide efficient treatment to ensure your property will pass any pest inspection in the future. The health of you and your home matters to us. Schedule an appointment today.

Emergency Pest Control Stoney Creek, Ontario CA

Highly Rated Wildlife Control & Pest Control Service in Stoney Creek, ON

The total project time will depend on the type of extermination required and the severity of the infestation. In some cases, there will be a specific waiting period required before clients are allowed back into the building. Once everything is complete, your property will be free of pests. You can leave all the dirty work and clean up to us, so why wait, get in touch with Emergency Pest Control Stoney Creek today.

Search no longer if you are dealing with mice in the house, bats in the basement, ants, or wildlife. Our avid pest services come with a guarantee so that we know our customers are satisfied with our service. Fill our our online form to learn more today!


(Call and mention code: STONEY CREEK50 for discount)


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Bed Bugs

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and all other pests! Call us to confirm.

What Our Clients Say

pest control reviews

"They have been prompt, always let me know when they are coming so I can be there if I want. The technicians answered all my questions with courtesy and patience, and really put me at ease about my pest control. When I had an emergency they worked with me to set up a quick appointment and have generally gone out of their way to make sure I am a happy customer. Thanks guys!"

- Pincas Hickman

"These guys are great. Had some problems with ants and they really helped me out. They even repaired a board covering my cellar after a service man accidentally fell through. They replaced it and improved it as well. Very professional and affordable."

- Freddie Goldie

"Had a problem with squirrels in my attic they came the same day, and dealt with my problem quickly and effectively.

Great service really recomend them."

- Ferhan Qamar


Highly Rated Pest Control & Exterminator in Stoney Creek, Ontario