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Emergency Pest Control: Ant Control Toronto

It seems like you can't take even a couple of steps in any direction in Toronto without encountering some sort of ant infestation or ant nest. Starting from homes, walkways, and backyards, to schools, offices, and restaurants, there seems to be an ant problem everywhere. This is where ant extermination services come to save the day, exterminating ants and making sure your premises stay free from ants.

Ants: The Plague of Toronto

Ant nests and ant colonies of different ant species are very common all across Toronto. Carpenter ants, pavement ants. worker ants, pharaoh ants, fire ants; you name it, Toronto's got it. With such a wide variety of ants, specialized ant control became a necessity in the region a long time back. An ant colony could be tucked away somewhere around your backyard or storage room and you wouldn't even notice it.

Argentine ants are also a common pest, but a bit more dangerous than their cousins as one bit from them can cause severe inflammation for days. Queen ants lay eggs by the millions throughout their life cycle, and are the only reproductive ants in the colony. In due time, a large enough ant colony can wreak havoc and cause structural damage or your home or business building structure.

Professional Ant Exterminators for Ant Infestations

A lot of things attract ants to residential and commercial premises in Toronto, and sooner or later you'll be needing ant control services to kill ants. Starting from carpenter ant control to pavement ant control, Emergency Pest Control service pest exterminators are capable of dealing with all kinds of ant activity in residential and commercial spaces.

Carpenter ants are the most common type of ants found all over Toronto and are infamous for building their nests inside anything wooden, be it tree stumps or wooden structures like pillars and beams. A carpenter ant infestation can leave a trail of rotting wood in and around your premises, so don't hesitate to call dependable pest control services as soon as you see carpenter ant colonies or other ants.

Prevent Future Ant Infestations With a Professional Ant Exterminator

Even after full extermination, ants can return to residential and business premises unless proper ant control measures have been put in place. With our integrated pest control programs which include ant control, we can ensure that no ants return to your home or business anytime soon. Some of the largest ants can be tough to keep at bay as they live in large colonies, and maybe the ones in your home was one of the satellite nests.

Emergency Pest Control: Professional Ant Control Services at Affordable Costs

For dealing with any kind of ant problems, our professional exterminators at Emergency Pest Control are here to lend you a hand any time you need us. From home ants to citronella ants, we will take care of all your ant problems before you even know it. We provide discretion for our clients by driving in unmarked vehicles so the entire street doesn't have to know you have an ant problem.

We are one call away from you. Call us on our emergency pest control contact phone number (647) 930-1407.