Preventing a Spider Infestation in Your House

Spider infestation

Pest Infestations can be annoying. They are extremely unhygienic and can affect your health. Most of the pests, especially spiders, can be poisonous in nature. Their webs are not easy to spot and can grow rapidly, causing trouble. If you cite more than two or three spiders, there’s likely a spider infestation in your house. Thus, you must call in an expert pest control in Vaughan for an inspection. 

A professional inspection can determine the exact extent of the pest-spread and its cause. It helps you get an effective pest control treatment. However, if you fail to eradicate the cause in the first place, the spiders may find their way back to your home in a few months. Thus, you must take some precautionary methods to prevent them from entering your house. 

Precautions You Can Take

  • Seal The Crevices

Look for all the cracks and crevices in your house. Spiders can enter from tiny openings; thus, you must seal the exteriors of your house efficiently. You can use caulk or expandable spray foams to fill gaps in your walls. Double-check the seals of your doors and windows as well. If they are not in place, get them repaired immediately. 

  • Switch Your Outdoor Lightings

Spiders feed on insects, and insects are attracted to bright lights. Try keeping your outdoor lights off whenever possible. However, if you need the lights for safety reasons, use dull lights instead of white lights. You can consider switching to yellow or orange bulbs. 

  • Discard And Rearrange 

Declutter your basements, attic, and garages regularly. The leftover cardboard boxes, papers, decorative items, and other debris can work as perfect hiding spots for spiders. Thus, you must dispose of unnecessary waste and rearrange unused items from time to time. 

  • Fix Leaky Pipes

Any moisture retained in your house can lead to a spider infestation. If there are leaky or damaged pipes or toilets, get them fixed right away. Use dehumidifiers to eliminate excessive moisture levels.  

  • Dust And Clean

Clean and dust regularly. Pests are mostly found in unhygienic places. Thus, keeping your place clean and tidy can help you control pests. Clean all the corners of your house and pay attention to your closets as well. You can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of small spider webs. 

  • Peppermint Spray

Spiders cannot tolerate peppermint. You can create a mixture of peppermint oil and water to spray on your furniture and curtains. It will prevent the spiders from entering your house. You can buy peppermint oil at any local store. 

When To Call A Professional?

It is easy to handle two to three spiders by yourself. However, the growing numbers can creep you out. Thus, it is advisable to seek help from a professional in case of mass infestation. A professional exterminator can get rid of the spiders in no time by using an efficacious pest control treatment. The treatment will assure you of no future trouble and help you eliminate its cause as well. You can visit to seek help from a pest control expert. 

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