Genius Hacks To Keep Rodents Out Of Your House During Winter

When winter approaches and the outdoors freeze, many creatures are known to hibernate. Some will get into bunkers, complete with insulation and food reserves. Unfortunately, some like rodents will turn your home into their new playfield while searching for food, warmth, and shelter. This, of course, comes with its fair share of misfortunes as these uninvited guests will munch anything that comes along their way, be it clothes, foodstuff, curtains, soap, and everything. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no expert to help you eliminate the rodent infestation problem. And the best rated in the industry is Emergency Pest Control Vaughan

In this article, we will share some genius hacks to keep rodents out of your house.

Maintain Cleanliness

One reason why rodents will be in your house is to search for food. To deny them supply, keep the house clean as leftover food and crumbs dropped on the floor are their favorite. Clean the dishes before bed, sweep the dining and kitchen floors and keep surplus food in the fridge or locked containers. 

Keep the Trash Bin Sealed

The trash bin is another rodent attraction site in your home. Keep it sealed and ensure no garbage is left out. 

Keep The yard Neat

A messy yard is not an eyesore to visitors but also a habitat for bugs and parasites. It turns out to be a total recipe for disaster. In this case, rodents will utilize the unpruned branches, unswept fallen leaves, and overgrown weeds. To avoid trouble, keep the yard well maintained. 

Avoid Wood Piles

Piles of firewood or timber near your house may harbor rodents in a big way. As valuable as they may be to you, try as much as possible to keep them 20 feet away from your house. 

Seal their Entry Points

Inspect your house from all angles leaving nothing to chance. Rodents will slip in through tiny openings as small as a quarter inch. Identify all suspicious points and seal accordingly. 

Remove Pet Food

We earlier mentioned the importance of denying rodents any food supply in the house. As important as it is to keep human food away, so is it essential when it comes to pet food. Whether outdoor or indoor pets, ensure you keep their food away and clean their utensils and feeding points after use. Failure to do so will keep rodents visiting. 

Keep the Garage Clean and Locked

Don’t clean up or seal the main house and forget to attend to the garage. Rodents will get attracted and eventually end up accessing your home. Maintain a clean floor, avoid piling things up and empty the bin, if any. Ensure you keep the doors locked as much as possible.

Fit Brush Strips

Some doors may leave a massive gap underneath when locked. It is therefore advisable to invest in brush strips if you happen to have such doors. These will help you rest assured that all potential entry points for rodents are sealed. 

Contract an Expert

The above precautions, if applied, can go a long way in helping you get rid of nagging rodents in your home. But in some cases, no matter how much effort you dedicate towards observing them, rodents may fail to go or keep on coming back. In such circumstances, don’t hesitate to contact and get expert help from top-rated pest control and extermination technicians.

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