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Emergency Pest Control: Best Mice Control Toronto

Like in any other part of the world, rodent infestations are one of the most common pest problems in Ontario. The different types of mice live in the woodlands and urban areas of Toronto, and at this point are permanent residents of the area just like you. Since complete mice extermination in the cities, suburbs, towns, and villages of Toronto is impossible, mice removal and mice control is the best home and business owners can do.

With over a decade of rodent infestation clearing experience under our belt, Emergency Pest Control will ensure proper mouse extermination services for your home and business premises. Whether it's a house mouse infestation or a deer mouse infestation, we will get rid of them all for you.

Mouse Infestation: The Bane of Residential and Commercial Properties in Toronto

It's usually hard to notice a mouse infestation until it's too late, but most residents of Toronto are familiar with the sight of mice. Mouse infestations are very common in Toronto homes and businesses, requiring residents to enlist the services of a professional mouse exterminator service at any given time. A mouse or rat infestation starts small as a female mouse can only carry 3-4 litters per year.

But within 2-3 years' time, even two pairs of mice couples can have dozens of rodents running around your home, business, school, or office causing thousands of dollars worth of property damage. They tend to chew through any material which makes them quite the menace

Mice Infestation: How to Know You Have a Mouse Problem

Just the sight of a lone mouse or two shouldn't be a cause for alarm, but there are certain symptoms you're going to notice if your residential or commercial property has a mouse infestation. These are:

  • Rodent Droppings

    Like any other home pests, mice also tend to leave mouse droppings all around the place if they've made a nest in your property. The droppings are black in color and look like oversized rice grains.

  • Entry points Through Walls

    House and deer mice can easily make a home in between your walls by making nests between the wall voids. You'll usually notice these holes in the corners of rooms.

  • Chewed Food and Food Packages

    Food easily attracts mice, so if you notice any chewed food sources or food parcels on a regular basis, it's a clear sign of a mouse or rat infestation.

Why You Need to Eradicate Mice Infestations ASAP

Rat and mice populations are a bothersome nuisance in more ways than one. For starters, they can do structural damage to your property when making nests which can cost you a pretty penny to fix. Aside from causing structural damage, mice tend to chew through anything from wooden furniture, and electrical cables, to metal equipment if they're large enough.

They also pose serious health risks for home and business owners as mice are carriers for some common but serious diseases like Hantavirus, Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome, Lassa Fever, Leptospirosis, Lujo Hemorrhagic Fever, and more.

Common Mouse Populations in Toronto

House mice, deer mice, and roof rats are the only rodent types to make your home their home, they alone are more than enough for you to reach out to mouse control Toronto services. Other species of mice in Toronto include the white-footed mouse and Norway Rat.

Working With the Best Experienced Mouse Exterminators in Toronto

Whether it's mice control services or rat control services, Emergency Pest Control provides guaranteed mouse extermination services all over Toronto. Our pest exterminators are all vetted and certified, so you can rest assured you're getting the best pest control services in town.

Not only do we perform total mouse removal from your property by destroying mouse nests but provide rodent control solutions by laying mouse traps and mouse poison. We provide our services with discretion, arriving in unmarked white vehicles at your location and ensuring total privacy from nosy neighbours.

We are one call away from you. Call us on our emergency pest control contact phone number (647) 930-1407.