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Emergency Pest Control: Best Cockroach Control Toronto

The common cockroach is one of the most annoying and resilient pest species that can survive in both urban environments and the wild. In Toronto, where there are both woods and urban areas in abundance, a cockroach infestation can happen anywhere. Aside from their habit of biting anything that moves, including humans, cockroaches can do long-term damage to your property and furniture

At Emergency Pest Control, we aim to provide the best cockroach extermination services in Toronto so your home and businesses stay free of health hazards a cockroach infestation might bring.

How to Know if You Have Cockroach Infestations at Hand

Whether you're a home or business owner, it's important to know when you have a cockroach infestation at hand, because if left unchecked they can do thousands of dollars worth of damage to your valuables and property. Some of the most common signs of cockroach infestation include the following:

  • Cockroach Droppings:

    If you notice cockroach droppings on your furniture or the floor, you know you have a cockroach problem at hand. They look like grounded coffee but black in color.

  • Damaged or Chewed Food and Food Wrappings:

    Nothing can attract cockroaches better than food sources, so pay attention to your dining room. If you see chew marks on food that you didn't eat or containers that look frayed on the corners, you can be fairly certain of a cockroach infestation. If you have a habit of lying

  • Cockroach Exoskeleton Shed Skin

    Cockroaches tend to shed their exoskeleton skin in the final stage of their life cycle to grow wings. If you see a transparent husk that looks like a cockroach lying around the house you can be sure that not only do you have a cockroach infestation, but a bad one to boot.

  • Cockroach Eggs

    If you notice cockroach eggs between the corners and crevices of furniture or behind trunks and shelves, it's a sure sign of roach infestation.

  • Foul Smell and Smear Marks

    When cockroaches get accustomed to their surroundings they tend to select a designated route to travel around on foot. As a result of frequent traveling, certain parts of your walls, doors, floor, and furniture developed smear marks that look like small random dots. There will be a foul smell in the infested areas as well, old mattresses and couches being their favorite nesting grounds.

Common Cockroach Species in Toronto

The region of Toronto is vast in size and as such is home to a variety of cockroach species such as German cockroaches, oriental cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches, and many others. Brown-banded cockroaches tend to stay in warm enclosed areas like cabinets, wardrobes, and other wooden furniture. They usually come out at night, so spotting them can be a bit difficult if they tend to come out after you sleep.

The Oriental cockroach is the most common outdoor cockroach species in Canada and can literally make nests anywhere that is moist and damp outdoors. You'll usually find them in the backyard or garden where there are bushes, sewage pipes, mush, and other damp environments to lay their eggs. They look the same as brown-banded cockroaches but tend to be larger.

The American cockroach loves the interiors of your home, especially basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. Like their cousin oriental cockroaches, these cockroaches also tend to favor moist and damp areas for nesting.

Best Roach Infestation Solutions in Toronto

Emergency pest control takes pride in being one of the most reliable pest control services in Toronto for over a decade. We're not just another pest control company out in the boonies; our vetted and certified pest control team has some of the most experienced pest exterminators in all of Toronto. If you're looking for a dependable cockroach exterminator, then Emergency Pest Control is here to lend you a hand.

We also take pride in maintaining client discretion and travel to customer locations in unmarked white vans and trucks. Our team will be in and out before anyone even realizes a pest control company was there. We are one call away from you. Call us on our emergency pest control contact phone number (647) 930-1407.