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London Emergency Pest Control has seen it all, from bed bug infestation to bats and hornet nests. No one chooses to live with pests, but they choose to live with us anyway!

We offer pest control solutions for even the worst pest control problems. Some benefits of hiring our team at Emergency Pest Control (London, Ontario) include:

  • Professional pest management services in London, ON from trained and certified extermination experts.
  • All homeowners and businesses receive a 1-year 100% guarantee on pest control in London.
  • Receive expert advice and answers to your pest management questions.
  • Flexible hours and open 7 days per week.
  • Our team will wear shoe coverings and other protective gear to ensure we maintain a clean space.
  • Our unmarked van provides complete discretion, so no one will know you have a pest problem on your hands.
  • Receive a free quote simply by calling or filling out the online form (and receive $50 off!).

Are you dealing with bed bugs, centipedes, millipedes, hornets, ants, rats, bees, or another infestation? Don't wait any longer to call our team for a free consultation at 548-483-5383.


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Residential & Comercial Pest Control in London, Ontario

Emergency Pest Control London, Ontario CA

London Emergency Pest Control will remove any pests in your house, apartment, business, or other commercial building. Learn how we can help today by calling 548-483-5383 or filling out the online form. Once you have received your free consultation and booked an appointment, one of our experienced professionals will arrive in a discreet unmarked vehicle. Your neighbours don't need to know about your pest problem and it will be gone quickly anyway!

Our pest exterminators are certified by the Ontario Ministry of Environment. Our team has over 10 years of experience safely and efficiently removing pests from residential and commercial locations. Emergency Pest Control is proud to serve London, Ontario and our mission is to have a pest-free city for home and business owners.

Emergency Pest Control is open 7 days a week and we will be happy to provide a free consultation before getting started. To book an appointment, give us a call or fill out the online form above to save $50 on your pest control services.

We want our customers to feel informed and confident that future pests won't be returning to their home or office. One of our pest control professionals will explain to you how to keep the same pests from invading your space once again. Emergency Pest Control in London is the best option for professional pest removal. If you are looking for London exterminators who will exterminate your pest problems, you have come to the right place!


Our Pest Control Service Range in London, ON

Emergency Pest Control London, Ontario CA

Hire a professional london pest control removal company to exterminate pests and keep them out for good!

Our team of highly-qualified professionals is trained to remove pests and animals in a proper and humane manner. Emergency Pest Control guarantees the removal of pests for 1 year and are happy to answer any questions you may have about avoiding future pests from appearing.

We can remove a wide range of pests including bed bugs, mice & rats, wild animals, ants, bees & hornets, cockroaches, beetles, flies, mites, moths, spiders, and more!

To learn more about our Emergency Pest Control services in London, Ontario please call us at 548-483-5383.


How Our Process Works

At emergency Pest Control London our pest control process is simple and starts with a free estimate. Once your appointment is booked, you can expect our team of qualified professionals to arrive in an unmarked vehicle with all of the necessary equipment. As you will discuss with our technician, we require our clients to be out of the building during the extermination process for most pest removal services.


The time required will vary depending on what kind of pests we are dealing with. Once the extermination process is complete and you have waited the full amount of time before returning to your home or office, all of the pests will be completely removed! We take care of the details, so you don't have to. Call us today for your free consultation. Don't live with pests and longer!

Emergency Pest Control London, Ontario CA

About Us

Our team is proud to offer high-quality pest control services as well as high-quality customer service. We want our customers to feel informed and confident that pests will no longer be a problem for them. Our team of professionals will arrive at your location on time, fully staffed, and ready to get the job done. Call us today for more information and a free quote on you pest removal in London, Ontario.

Toronto Pest Control Services

pest control targeting ants


pest control targeting bed bugs

Bed Bugs

pest control targeting bees


pest control targeting beetle


pest control targeting cockroach


pest control targeting flies


pest control targeting mites


pest control targeting moths


pest control targeting rodent


pest control targeting spider


and all other pests! Call us to confirm.

What Our Clients Say

pest control reviews

"They have been prompt, always let me know when they are coming so I can be there if I want. The technicians answered all my questions with courtesy and patience, and really put me at ease about my pest control. When I had an emergency they worked with me to set up a quick appointment and have generally gone out of their way to make sure I am a happy customer. Thanks guys!"

- Pincas Hickman

"These guys are great. Had some problems with ants and they really helped me out. They even repaired a board covering my cellar after a service man accidentally fell through. They replaced it and improved it as well. Very professional and affordable."

- Freddie Goldie

"Had a problem with squirrels in my attic they came the same day, and dealt with my problem quickly and effectively.

Great service really recomend them."

- Ferhan Qamar



(Call and mention code: LONDON50 for discount)