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Emergency Pest Control: Best Centipede Control Toronto

Seeing a house centipede crawl across your basement or toilet isn't a pleasant sight at all. But when you live in Toronto you'll have to deal with it at one point or other. The ones that live in the wild aren't a problem, it's the common house centipedes that are a cause of concern.

Though they aren't as bothersome and destructive as some other insects and pests, most people would still prefer centipede-free premises. Emergency Pest Control provides the best pest control in Toronto, which includes centipede problems.

Plagued With Centipede Problems?

The average wild centipede isn't a pest and actually helps the ecosystem maintain balance by preying on different small harmful insects. They usually prefer to nest in damp areas that other animals tend to avoid. A centipede problem only occurs when house centipedes make a home in your residential and commercial premises. Trust us, the last thing you want to happen is to get a centipede bite after entering the toilet or basement.

A lone centipede on the kitchen floor is nothing too unnatural, but you notice them frequently in various parts of the house you definitely have a centipede infestation at hand

Everything You Need to Know About Centipedes

Centipedes usually like to make their home in the most moist and damp areas building structures which usually means crawl spaces. basements, bathrooms. Centipedes are usually nocturnal pests and try to avoid contact with any bigger creatures or moving objects. However, if threatened they can bite which can be quite painful, similar to a wasp's sting. Though the sting might hurt, it's non-toxic.

The average adult centipede usually lives for more than a year, some even living up to 5-6 years. The color of the average centipede ranges from greenish yellow to dark brown. When they're not breeding inside your home or business, they can be usually found close by under lead litters and other equipment that provide a damp environment.

How to Spot a Centipede Infestation

Just the mere presence of more than one centipede in a residential or commercial property is a clear indication of a centipede infestation. Since they lay their eggs in hard-to-reach areas, unlike many other pests, finding their nest through proper inspection is the only way to be sure. At Emergency Pest Control we have expert pest inspectors who can identify the source of a centipede infestation very fast with minimum fuss.

Centipede Removal Options in Toronto

For both commercial and residential properties suffering from centipede infestations, Emergency Pest Control provides comprehensive centipede removal options. We provide centipede removal services both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor Centipede Removal

For indoor centipede removal, we use either one of three techniques based on our pest inspector's evaluation of the centipede infestation- heat treatment, powder treatment, and spray treatment. Once treatment's complete we seal up any gaps or crevices in the invested area to prevent future centipede infestation on your property.

Outdoor Centipede Removal

Usually having a few centipedes living in your front yard, backyard, or garden isn't usually a bad idea since they keep more dangerous pests at bay. But if you still want to get them removed we can ensure the surroundings of your house are cleared of debris, equipment, and other materials that might serve as centipede nests and relocate them.

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