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Emergency Pest Control: Best Rat Control Toronto

Tired of those pesky rats scurrying about your home or business acting like they're the boss? You're not the only one in such a predicament- thousands of residents from different parts of Toronto face the same situation every day. Rat infestations can happen both indoors and outdoors, so you need the best pest control services in town to handle your rat problem.

Emergency Pest Control, the best pest control company in Toronto is here to show those bothersome rats who are the real boss by providing home and business owners comprehensive rat removal services!

Rats: Toronto's Big Rodent Infestation Problem

Toronto is home to a wide variety of rats that can make their nests almost anymore. What's more, rats breed like crazy, so no matter how hard you try to keep rats at bay, on a long-term basis is nearly impossible. Like moles, they can burrow under the ground and get into your hose through weak entry points no matter how solid the structure is. And do you have any idea how badly dead rats stink?

All of these issues can cause a major headache for anyone, including people living in rented buildings as well.

Why Residential and Commercial Customers Need Rat Control

Rats are a big menace whether it's in your home or business, which is why you need effective rodent control. For starters, a rat infestation in a home can easily result in damaged furniture, clothing, toys, electrical cables, and more. Replacing these damaged valuables can cost you thousands of dollars if you have a big home. And that's without mentioning all the structural damage they do to your property.

For businesses, rat infestations are an even bigger problem. They can make their way through storage areas and chew through inventories. This can be especially bad for restaurants where food parcels chewed by rats contaminate food. Rats are natural climbers and can easily walk all over food preparation surfaces at night without the staff even knowing. That's why you need the best rat control Toronto services to help you out with rat control.

Telltale Signs of Rat Infestation

Like mice, rat behavior is also very similar and predictable. If you observe the following signs in your home or business location, they're a surefire sign that you have a rat infestation at hand.

  • Rodent Droppings

    Just like mic, rats also tend to leave rat droppings everywhere once they've made themselves comfortable in your home or commercial establishment. The droppings look like black rice seeds and can usually be found in clumps.

  • Entry points Through Walls

    Rats can easily burrow through weak entry points in walls, and once they manage to do that they can make their home anywhere on your property. If you see curved holes between the meeting point of floors and walls, chances are you have a rat infestation.

  • Chewed Food and Food Packages

    Food and water sources act as bait stations for rats, including pet food. If a premise has rodent infestations then half-chewed food left in the open and damaged food parcels will be a common site whether it's a grocery store or an office.

Why Rats Pose Such Big Health Risks

Rats are known to carry a wide range of diseases and pathogens, which makes rat problems a huge health hazard. Some of the common lines include hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), Tularemia, and Salmonella. If a rat directly bites someone, he/she can also suffer from rat-bite fever.

Work With the Best Rat Removal Service in Toronto

Looking for the best rat control service in the Greater Toronto Area? Emergency Pest Control is here to provide you with the best rat exterminator services in Toronto. Whether it's homes or businesses, our vetted and certified professional rat exterminators will clear your rodent problem as quickly as possible with minimum fuss.

Ensuring your privacy is one of our top priorities in business, which is why our team arrives at work locations in white unmarked vehicles so no one notices you have a rodent or pest problem at hand. With the latest pest removal methods and technology, we'll make sure your residential or commercial premises are 100% rodent-free.

We are one call away from you. Call us on our emergency pest control contact phone number (647) 930-1407.