The Ultimate Guide To Wet'n'Wild Toronto

If you are looking for the perfect spot where you and your family can chill out during the summer, then Wet'n'Wild Toronto is the one for you.

Located in Brampton Ontario Canada, Wet'n'Wild Toronto water park is parked with water slides, pools, four zipline dual lanes, and many other attractions that would get you all boosted with fun throughout your visit.

Experience the adventure and enjoy the relief as you glide through the water slide with your kids. It's refreshing and just the perfect way to relax.

All you need to do is put on your swimming gear and you are good to go. But before that here are some things you need to know if you want to enjoy your time at the Wet'n'Wild Toronto to the fullest. Keep reading.

Essential Information About Wet'n'Wild Toronto

Address: Wet'n'Wild Toronto is located at 7855 Finch Ave W, Brampton, ON L6T 0B2, Canada

Getting there: If you're driving a car, this is how to get to the water park. Coming from the east, take the 401 west to 427 north which leads you to a route at Finch which is the exit. Now keep driving, Wet'n'Wild is just 2 kilometers down the road on the right.

water slide at wet_n_wild waterpark toronto

Coming from the West, drive towards 401 East to 427 North and then exit at Finch. Next, go west, you will find Wet'n'Wild 2 kilometers down the road on the right. Get the map here for more directions.

Pets or No Pets? No pet is allowed except for legally qualified service pets, which you have to declare as proof that it has been qualified legally. Aside from service pets, it is advisable to leave your pets at home.

Open and closing hours: The park opens from 10 am to 5 pm every day.

Tickets and Admissions: A regular ticket starts at $49.55. Note that there are fraudulent sites that sell fake duplicate tickets which is unacceptable. You should get yours at the official Wet'n'Wild Toronto site. It is safer this way.

Fun Attractions At Wet'n'Wild Toronto 

These are exciting attractions you could enjoy at Wet'n'Wild Toronto:

Wet'n'Wild Junior

Wet'n'Wild Junior is a giant fun zone for all little kids where they may splash, dive, and have fun. Enjoy a spectacular filled with lots of splashing, gliding, and excitement by exploring three precincts!

There are eight junior slides ready if your little one is a true adventure seeker. Here they would be thrilled by the adventure ride.

The play structure, which includes a tilting bucket, is the place to be for tiny explorers seeking adventure and fantasy.

Are you more interested in shallow pools? They can be found in the splash zone which is completely safe for you and your kid!

Image: Wet'n'Wild Jr.

Oh Canada!

Make sure to attempt the amazing Oh Canada water slide at Wet 'n' Wild Toronto. On this exhilarating water slide, you begin by standing in a pod before the bottom quickly opens, allowing you to freefall into a nearly vertical tube!

wet_n_wild toronto waterslide

Are you prepared to scream your lungs out of excitement? This is the one for you. The opening of the bottom of the tube allows you to plunge straight down before looping around in a 360-degree loop on this thrilling water slide.

Sounds exciting right?

Image: Attractions - Wet 'n' Wild Toronto

Take A Swim At The Pools

The Big surf wave pool is filled with lots of water for gliding and making a little surfing on it. Your little surf lover would definitely enjoy this one. All kids with a height of 40' can enjoy this ride too, it's not just for the bigger kids. As long as they are guided and have life jackets on.

For the bigger kids, the Coconut cove pool is filled with relaxing fun and is located close to food kiosks and areas licensed by the park.

Image: Big Surf - Wet 'n' Wild Toronto

Bear Footin' Bay

The Bear Footin Bay is a water play construction jam-packed with games, interactive and interesting features including sprinklers, slides, and a massive tipping water bucket for a big splash down below!

The fun part is usually going down through the slides. This fun slide is open to children at any age as long as they are guided by an adult.

Image: Bear Footin' Bay - Wet 'n' Wild Toronto

Where To Park

There's a space available to park just outside of the water park. Parking cost starts at $15 per vehicle and a seasonal pass that starts out at $47.95.

After parking outside, there are also lockers where you can place things that are not allowed into the water park, just in case you brought any.

Where To Eat At The Wet'n'Wild Toronto

Although you don't have the luxury of fancy food at the Wet'n'Wild water park, there are really options like pizza, chicken, burgers, fries, and some other fast foods that are really tasty.

For drinks, you can also get delicious frozen liquid refreshments that would quench your thirst and are just right for the hot summer weather. There is also a provision to take a little alcohol, however, this is strictly for people that are 19 years and above.

Because of allergies, food and drinks from outside are not allowed into the park. Although there are exceptions of sealed food, plastic water bottles, baby formula, and medical foods that are necessary to carry along.

However, you can step out of the park to grab a bite and a drink if you would love to do so or have a little picnic outside of it. As long as you get a hand stamp, you can exit and come back to the park when you want to.


There you have it! This would make your visit to the Wet'n'Wild Toronto water park a memorable one for you and your kids!

Be sure to take the right swimming wear, take some sunscreen just to be extra careful and avoid sunburn.

Finally, relax and have fun!

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Driving Directions by public transit:

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