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The Ultimate Guide To Canada's Wonderland

If you want to make the best memories with your family, visiting Canada's wonderland should be on your checklist.

Canada's Wonderland is one of its greatest pride featuring more than 200 attractions with a little over 15 roller coasters in it, including the incredible Yukon Striker which is a record-breaker.

By 2021, Canada's wonderland had served its lovers 40 years of immense fun, ranging from the Mountain bay cliffs to the 20 acres of cliff jump attraction, Works Waterpark.

So if you are in for some air adventure,  the Beagle Brigade Airfield serves children with so much fun. And the best part is that it is totally safe. All safety precautions have been put in place to accommodate families of all ages.

This sounds exciting, doesn’t it? In this article, we are going to take a deeper dive into everything that happens at Wonderland, everything you need to know, and why it's your best bet for the next family getaway.

Essential Information About Canada's Wonderland

Address: Canada's Wonderland is located at 1 Canada’s Wonderland Drive, Vaughan, ON L6A 1S6.

Pets or No Pets?: Pets are not allowed into the park, but there's a well-air-conditioned facility available for your pet to be kept under close supervision and this goes for a fee of $6 every day you visit.

How to get there: Go north on Canada's Wonderland Drive from Rutherford Road in Vaughn (exit 33) on Highway 400. A car is probably the most convenient way to get to the park. Just have some extra change for parking which is $22.

Wonderland Time Warp Rollercoaster Toronto

But if you want to, you can also use public transit to reach the park.  GO buses are a good idea, especially Route 60 which runs between York Mills Bus Terminal and Yorkdale Bus Terminal.

Open Hours: The park is open 10 am- 10 pm daily. That's a lot of time to have all the fun you want.

Ticket Pass: You can book a ticket starting at $11.42/month for a season pass, $15.71/month for a gold pass, and $32.85/month for a platinum pass. However, children below the age of three don't need a pass to get in.

Where To Park In Canada’s WonderLand

It is easy to park at Canada's Wonderland, which is adjacent to the Park. If you would like to ride in the auto car or van then you should budget $25 and this includes tax. That rate however is only available when you book online.

The best part of this is that you can get easy access to the parking lot also, a smooth and easy-to-understand drop-off and pick-up area is also situated on the eastern side of the main parking area.

Standing Rollercoaster At Canada_s Wonderland

This particular one is located off of Jane Street which lies between Norwood Avenue and Avro Avenue. It is important to note that vehicles parked in day parking areas cannot be reentered.

Finally, this parking lot has lockers where you can store whatever you want to before you go into the wonderland but these items are strictly at the owners ' risk.

Fun Activities At The Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland is a whole mix of fun and excitement. There is always something fun for everyone. Check these out:

Rides For Toddlers And Little Kids

Canada’s wonderland can send you thrills as it blows your mind with two of Canada's greatest roller coaster wonders, the Leviathan and Behemoth. However if you have a kid within the age of two or a little lower than that then you can go for something less adventurous, just have a little caution on their part.

There are kiddies roller coasters your kid also gets the option of riding on a carousel or better still enjoying some mild fun on the bumpy cars

Rollercoaster For Kids At Wonderland In Toronto

Although rides in Canada wonderland require riders to be at least 48" or taller, there are other options that kids can go for and still have fun. Like KidZville and Planet snoopy.

For KidZville, the maple treehouse is a good spot for all kids of all ages to play. It also accommodates them in all sizes as long as they are kids.

And for some of them that like to go into full swing and have that taste of adventure to the fullest then the Taxi jam would be just perfect for them.

Planet Snoopy is also great for kids who like to go on a snoopy-themed adventure. They get to meet all their favorite snoopy characters.

Rides For The Bigger Kids

For the bigger kids who like to have more thrilling and daring fun, they should try out the Yukon Striker. This tops the list, then you have the Leviathan roller coasters, mountain bay cliffs, and the Beagle brigade airfield.

With these, you can never go wrong giving your kids the best adventure ever

Canadas Wonderland Toronto

Once you mount on the Yukon striker, you get a 90-degree drop that hangs you in that position for 3 seconds followed by an epic slide into an underwater tunnel that is at 245feet deep.

Amazing right? Now you can smash the goal of adventure with a little spice of daring fun.

Where To Eat At Canada's Wonderland

In a place like Canada's wonderland, nothing should stop you and your kids from having fun, not even hunger. So you have to fuel and munch on some refreshments because you would need them for a wholesome experience.

Although you're not allowed to take food into the park, you have quite a few options you can choose from.  For example, you can get some refreshments at the Chicken shack, another option is the Subway restaurant.

However, if you want to go heavy on food then you can try out an all-you-can-eat international restaurant located right in the park. And guess what Starbucks and Horton are not off the list too, there is always plenty to eat there not stopping your fun now.

At Canada's Wonderland, they have also set up an All dining pass which starts at $32, to make feeding you and your family a bit more affordable for you.

With this pass, you are entitled to an entree and side every 90 minutes from restaurants that are making a dining offer that day. And depending on how much your family eats this could go a long way to containing that hunger.

Take Away

This is just perfect for a family weekend getaway, go have your fun, and the best adventure for kids in Canada.

It's totally safe and follows the COVID-19 protocols squarely. Have fun!

Driving Directions by car:

Driving Directions by public transit:

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