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The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Arboretum Sunnidale Park Barrie Ontario

About the Sunnidale park:

This park is the largest municipal park in the area. This park was a golf course before. It is a great place to visit for people of all age groups. Kids, adults, youngsters and the old ones, everyone can come and have a great time here.

People can visit here at any time of the year.

About the nearby places and best nearby attraction spots:

There are so many restaurants nearby where people can enjoy their meals anytime. The breakfast house, Bâton Rouge, Avocobar, Lee's kitchen, Cal's bakery, and some more food points are available with a range of 1 kilometer near the park.

Besides this, some attractive places are also present nearby for example the spirit catcher, the flying monkeys, the Heritage park Maclaren arts, the edge gallery, and some more. Along with these spots, malls and theatres are also present nearby. These are present within the range of 2 to 3 km.

Is the arboretum Sunnidale park pet friendly?

Yes! This park is pet friendly and the dogs enjoy coming here and running through the woods. As there are a lot of walking paths and trees, dogs enjoy it here.

What can you do in this Sunnidale park?

People come with their family, friends, pets, and loved ones to spend a good time and have fun. The visitors can enjoy snowshoeing, tobogganing, countries skiing, dog walking, etc activities. Also, this is a good spot for a picnic with greenery everywhere and beautiful sides all around. Besides all these activities people love to sit in the lap of nature and meditate, do exercise or do yoga in a  calm environment.

Shed in Arboretum Sunnidale Park Barrie, Ontario

As this place is full of beautiful scenery all around, people love to get their photographs clicked. Many people are seen with their photographer for family pictures or their wedding photographs.

In addition, a big hall can be located in the center that is available for public as well as private functions. People can organize functions like birthday parties, family reunions, or get together here. This can also be a great place for outdoor weddings. There are enough rooms for guests to stay.  Along this centrally located hall, a former golf course house and an underground water storage reservoir is also present. Different species of plants and trees can be found in this arboretum in Sunnidale Park.

Many people just come here to walk around and enjoy the beauty of nature. They love to enjoy different varieties of plants and trees.

What do the visitors say about Sunnidale park?

After going through so many reviews of the visitors we can conclude that Arboretum Sunnidale Park is a great and well-maintained place. It has a variety of plant and tree species therefore it is a great place to enjoy and learn about nature.

People love coming and enjoying themselves here. People of all ages can be found here. People are seen enjoying different activities here. People also recommend this place for practicing yoga and meditation. Many functions have been held in this place and everyone seems to be happy with this. Wedding functions, engagement family photography, pre-wedding or other functions have been held here.

This place is beautiful in different ways in every season. Whether it's the green summer or fall, even in the winters the place looks great.

This is a great place to stay connected with nature. This place has a large area where dogs run and play. Even the small children enjoy it here a lot.

The reviews of visitors also say that the place is well maintained and neat and clean.

Hence most of the reviews were positive about the place.

Garden in Arboretum Sunnidale Park Barrie, Ontario

Guidelines about covid-19:

It is important to follow all the safety measures for the safety of everyone.

People must carry their masks, and alcohol-based hand sanitizers. A physical distance of at least two meters has to be maintained as per the safety measures for covid-19. ( It is easy to maintain the social distance here due to the large area.)

Besides this people should avoid visiting the park or any place if they are covid positive or have any symptoms of the corona. Even for the functions and gatherings, you should first make sure that no one is covid positive. It is important to follow all the safety measures to assure the protection of every visitor in the park.

Information about arboretum Sunnidale park:

You can also book tickets online for the park. It is a large park and hence it has boards for directions. There are many Shelters for rooms available for stay. There are long walking paths for a long walk or run. A big hall can also be located in the center that is available for different functions. Even though the whole place is quite big still a dog area is also present which is like yeh cherry on the cake. Dogs enjoy a lot in the special dog area. The area is even wheelchair friendly therefore anyone with this disability can also come and enjoy it. A Lot of different levels of trails are there, and people can enjoy biking, cross country skiing or hiking etc.

Overview of the arboretum Sunnidale park:

This is a great place for any age group to visit. People of every age group can enjoy it here. People can come for picnics, hiking meditation, or even for a walk. Washroom facilities are available here. Even shelters are also available. A central hall is also available to organize functions. People can bring their own food and enjoy however some great restaurants and food courts are available nearby.

Flowers in Arboretum Sunnidale Park Barrie, Ontario

You can also plan a complete holiday as there are many other attractions to visit nearby. Even shopping places, theatres, and malls are available nearby. This is a great place to click photographs all around the year. The place is well maintained and completely worth visiting. You will definitely enjoy your visit with your friends and family. Good luck!

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