The Ultimate Guide to Springbank Park 

Are you excited to visit the best public park in London, Ontario? You will find amusement parks everywhere in the city of London but Springbank is the largest among them. Located in the middle of London, the site has all the things you would expect to enjoy in a park.

Based along the River Thames, Springbank is a 300-acre park in London. It features 19 miles of trails and beautiful Storybook Gardens. Springbank Park in London, Ontario is in fact a premier destination for tourists.

History of Springbank Park 

Springbank Park has a diverse history dating back to ancient times. Here, we will discuss only a brief history of the oldest park in London for the interest of our readers.

Premature History 

Springbank Park is present with the Thames River. Long long ago, from the Middle Archaic Period (3050-2550 B.C.), it was continuously occupied by people. It was that time when Egyptians had their third ruler of the first dynasty.

There is evidence that Springbank was home to many people. All the evidence including animal bones and plant scraps is present in the Museum of Ontario Archaeology. The situation didn’t change even after the arrival of Europeans.

Late History 

The origin of this park reverts to 1877. At that moment, London was packed with wineries, prints, kirks, banks, and mills. Blackfriars Street Bridge connects Petersville and Kensington to London.

Springbank Park was built to fulfill the need for new infrastructure for London. Also, the Springbank Dam was built in the Thames River. Many of the old artifacts can easily be found in Springbank Park such as Hungerford Hill, Dam, Power Station, and local springs.

Springbank Park Today 

The present Springbank operation was taken in 1961. Today, you will see shady trees, open spaces, and ample space for a big family celebration in this park. Children’s playgrounds, swimming pools, and state-of-art, are also worth visiting.

Events at the Springbank Park

Springbank Park hosts certain exciting events that attract visitors. Some of the notable events you can enjoy at the park are:

  • Springbank Sprints
  • Springbank Road Races
  • Halloween Hunting

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Facilities Available at the Park

This is a very well-furnished and properly maintained park with multi-paths. These paths run along with the River Thames and provide a beautiful natural and scenic view. If you get tired while walking on the path, you can take a rest on available benches or under the shady trees. If you want to take photographs, this path is worth it. Children’s playgrounds are present at the west end of the park.


You do not need to worry about parking at Springbank Park. The parking is ample with free parking lots at various points including East Springbank Gate, Springbank Gate, West Springbank Gate, Civic Garden Complex, etc.


From Monday to Sunday, Springbank Park is open 24/7 for visitors. You can go there whenever you want to spend some quality time with family and friends.

What You Will Find at The Springbank Park

Long walking trails connect the Springbank with other parks nearby. These interconnected parks take you 10 kilometers ahead. Furthermore, various historical parks are also present along with Amusement parks. Old Springbank Dam is also there with its remains. Also, more and more enjoyable items emerge when the water level of the River Thames is low.

Storybook Gardens

In 1985, the popular attraction, Storybook Gardens, including sea lions, and other animals with themes of children’s stories was opened. There are many worthy attractions there such as “Slippery The Seal”, “Sea Lion”, “Toledo Zoo”, “Saint Louis Zoo”, etc.

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The story of the Slippery Seal was just like that it had escaped from the River Thames. After several days, the Americans returned the Slippery. On that occasion, the mayor of London had proclaimed the “Slippery Day.” The Carousel and the Miniature Train are outside the park. In 2003, Skating was also added to the Park.

Land of Amusements 

After the shattering of Victoria, many new items were added to Chestnut Park, which today is known as Springbank Park( It was renamed in 1894). At the end of the 19th century, the London Street Railway Company extended its track to Springbank Park due to its fame. Streetcar lines are, indeed, the biggest attraction in the park. The revolution in this park never stopped. Paths turned into roads, tennis courts were built.

In 1914, the Victor Amusement Company added an amusement park in Springbank. At that time, it included a zoo and campground. In 1920-27, it extended to a Ferris Wheel, funhouse, aerial swing, bowling alley, miniature steam train, carousel, bumper cars, roller coaster (Cannon Ball), and a penny arcade. Wonderlands Garden Concert Hall is the place where you can see the hottest bands of the day.

Nearby Destinations

On your visit to Springbank Park, do not forget to check out adorable nearby sites. You might visit Fanshawe Pioneer Village, Museum of Ontario, Eldon House, Michael Gibson Gallery, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Springbank Park located?

Springbank Park is situated at 1085 Commissioners Road West of London, Ontario Canada

Is Springbank Park kids-friendly? 

Yes, the park has a lot of activities to engage the kids. Your children will cherish their visit to the beautiful Springback Park. 

How much do I have to pay for parking in Springbank Park? 

The parking in Springbank Park is free of cost. You don’t need to pay anything to park your vehicle there. 

Can I take my dog to the park?

Yes, the park is pet friendly. All you need is to take care of your dog to maintain cleanliness in the area.

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Final Words

Springbank Park is undoubtedly the best amusement park popular among the residents and visitors. If you are residing in London and planning to celebrate your holiday, never forget to stroll around Springbank park. So many people from all over the world are present here which provides a multicultural environment.

Don’t hesitate and set out with your family to relax at London’s favorite site!

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