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The Ultimate Guide to Museum London 

Are you interested in history and love to visit famous historical sites? Situated at the forks of the River Thames, Museum London is an artistic and historical museum in Ontario, Canada. The Museum employs a team of active staff members and volunteers to guide and facilitate the public. It has a fantastic infrastructure with spectacular metalwork on the outside.

The Museum London has preserved the history and story of London for more than 70 years. It offers exotic historical items of various artists in the basement, ground floor, and second floor. The following article is an ultimate visitors guide for those interested to visit the Museum London.

History of Museum London

The operation was started with a London Public Library in 1940. It was merged into London Regional Art Gallery and historical museum in 1989. The current building of the museum is designed by a famous architect, Raymond Moriyama. The Museum has a mandate for collecting and presenting the local art and history.

How to Reach the Museum London

It is quite easy to reach the Museum London due to its accessible location. Drive through 421 Ridout Street North, in downtown London to get to the destination. Also, you can travel via bus or train as the VIA Rail Station is only a few minute's walk.


The main parking area near Museum London is present at Municipal Lot#19. It is accessible from Dundas Street and Queens Avenue. Purchase the voucher at the machine present at the parking lot and display the voucher on the dashboard of your car. The other way is to purchase a parking ticket. Besides, you can also use other alternative parking lots at 435 Ridout Street North and 100 Queens Avenue.


The Museum London is accessible to all types of visitors. There is an elevator and ground-level entrance for wheelchairs. Also, the washrooms are available on every floor for the public. Our team is highly equipped with Customer Service and Accessibility Training. The Museum Staff is adequately trained to respond to any emergencies that may occur at any time.

Timings and Admission

The Museum remains closed to the public on Monday and Tuesday. 10 am to 5 pm timings apply from Wednesday to Sunday. You are free to visit the museum during these hours. At the time of admission, you need to pay some donations which will then be used to improve services at the Museum London.

What you will find at the Museum London

Once you enter the Museum premises, you will find a lot of stuff to relish your visit. There is a well-furnished Giftshop for those who want to buy their favorite artworks. The shop also offers an online shopping service with free local delivery. Also, you will find a Cafe i.e. Rhinolounge to satisfy your food cravings.

Collection at Museum

Museum London houses a collection of 45,000 artifacts and around 5000 pieces of ancient artwork. The London Health Sciences Centre contributed some medical artifact collections to the Museum London in 2004.

Museum London Ontario

You will find here some artistic works of famous Canadian painter Lawren Harris. Moreover, many beautiful artworks of emerging artists and painters are also displayed there.

Art Conservation Services

Art Conservation Services is an art restoration service where you can get your artwork cleaned and polished. It offers specialized treatment for contemporary paintings and substrates. Also, it provides consultation services for various museums and art galleries in London. Just see the examples of our art conservation services and connect with us via phone or email.

Virtual Tours and Exhibitions

Do you want to visit the Museum London using your phone at home? Now you can easily view our art collection online. Moreover, you can enjoy various amazing brain activities via the online programming facility. We share our art collection in the form of interesting jigsaw puzzles to entertain our users. Also, you can attend various live events held at the museum by connecting with us on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Nearby Access Points

The surrounding area is quite busy due to parks and other ancient buildings. Enjoy walking along the River Thames along with visiting the nearby tourist sites. Check out the London Children’s Museum nearby to entertain your kids.

Museum of Ontario, Jet Aircraft Museum, and Elgin Military Museum are some other similar access points nearby. Moreover, the area has many great hotels and restaurants to stay in and eat your favorite food.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Museum London free?

Yes, the basic entry to the museum is free of cost. However, donations are welcomed and you may have to pay some money to access the specific exhibitions.

How can I get to the Museum London?

The museum is located at 421 Ridout Street North, London, On N6A 5H4, Canada. You can easily access the area via your car or public transport.

Can I take my bicycle to the Museum London?

Yes, you can easily reach the Museum while riding your bicycle. Free racks are available on the front side of the Museum to park bicycles.

What is the fee for parking at the Museum London?

You have to pay just $2 per hour or a flat price of $6 after 6 pm for parking near Museum. 

Can I visit the Museum in a large group? 

Yes, it will be good to call and inform the Museum administration before your visit, if you are planning to take a group of more than 12 people.

Museum London Front Entrance

The Bottomline

The Museum London is a premier location for art and history lovers. It is a blend of interconnected programs and exhibitions of national and local importance. Also, it hosts world-class free exhibitions to attract tourists from all over the world.

If you haven’t visited the museum yet, it is time to plan your visit to this iconic site. Visit this museum with your family to attend fabulous exhibitions and get an insight into the local art!

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