The Ultimate Guide to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto

LEGO bricks have been known all over the world as one of the toys that tickle almost every child's fancy (even adults!).

Now, think about how much happiness you would give your kids when you take them to a world filled with LEGO bricks. The gush of happiness and excitement, and more bricks to play with. That's the kind of experience every child gets at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto is located at the Vaughan Mills Halls and is home to a  combination of fun and exciting rides. This magical land is made up of over two million LEGO bricks! This way there is always plenty of fun to go around for every kid.

In this article, we take a deep dive into the amazing LEGOLAND discovery center Toronto and all the exciting activities there are to do. Keep reading to find all you need to know.

Essential Information About LEGOLAND

Address:  LEGOLAND Toronto is located at 1 Bass Pro Mills Dr, Vaughan, ON L4K 5W4, Canada.

How to get there: If you're going through the north of downtown Toronto, take Hwy 400 south and then exit Rutherford Road East.

If you're going through the south of downtown Toronto, take Hwy 400 north and then exit Bass pro mills drive.

Map Of Legoland Discovery Centre

Going through the east, take 400 west to 400 north and then exit Bass pro mills.

For public transit, this is how to go about it. Take a bus from the Finch Go Bus Station. Once you get there, you then take a VIVA Blue NORTH to the 16th-Carrville Road. Next is for you to transfer to YRT Route 85 or 85 C WEST to the Vaughan Mills terminus from here.

Another way to do this is by taking a bus from Finch GO Bus Terminal, and then taking the YRT Route 760 - Vaughan Mills/Wonderland. Get directions here.

Pets or No Pets?: Pets are not allowed into LEGOLAND, except for service animals.

Open and Closing hours: LEGOLAND opens during the hours of 11 am to 6 pm every day.

Ticket Pass and Admissions: Adults must go with a child before they are granted permission to enter. This is the same for a child, they must be accompanied by an Adult. Depending on demands, tickets start at $19.99 while an extra value ticket starts at $35.99.

Where To Park At LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto

Because LEGOLAND is located in a small neighborhood in Vaughan Mills, entry 4 precisely, there's provision for free public parking. There is also free mall parking so you don't have to worry about or pay extra parking costs.

Legoland Discovery Centre Vaughan

Places To Explore At The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto

To make your experience worthwhile, there are a few places you should check out:


Modeled after the great city of Toronto, this miniature city is made up of half a million LEGO bricks showing the top landmarks and buildings in Toronto, Canada. Featuring many moving parts that make it a wonder to watch, even the smallest audience member will feel like a giant! As Toronto falls into darkness, lights begin to illuminate the streets and buildings, and the LEGO population goes silent. You can always play a little game of identifying the buildings as much as you can.

LEGO 4D Cinema

Watch your favorite LEGO characters as they go on fun-filled adventures in the LEGO 4D Cinema! The big screen comes alive with supercharged wind, rain, and snow effects.

Just sit back, relax and experience the spectacular, awe-inspiring world of LEGO 4D Cinema as 3D movies come to life. Putting on the 3D glasses, the action adventure will unfold before your eyes in an exhilarating, thrilling 3D.

Legoland Discovery Centre in Vaughan

Embrace the drama of wind, rain, lightning, and even snow as they break out into the auditorium! In the LEGO Cinema, you'll journey with cinematic heroes.

The best part is that the whole family can enjoy this wholesome cinematic experience.

Journey On A Kingdom Quest Ride To Save The Princess

On the Kingdom Quest ride, you'd take a ride on your chariot to rescue the captured princess in distress!

To make it more adventurous, every corner is filled with beastly trolls and stealthy skeletons. Lol. With your laser gun, you're to give them all a zap before they can do their damage.

While traveling on your journey, earn points - who will have the most points?

Once you have saved the day, head over to Merlin's Apprentice and cast the wizard's spell to soar to great heights.

Take A Tour Of The LEGO Factory

Take a tour of the LEGO factory to discover how raw plastic is converted into colorful LEGO bricks. This is both exciting and informative because you would get to learn how each piece of material is skillfully mixed to produce a LEGO.

Prepare for a fun and interactive time as you learn about how each station works!

Where To Eat At LEGOLAND

There is a cafe in LEGO city where you can get food and drink. It is important to note that food and drinks are not allowed from outside.

If you're a lover of steak, there are steak houses just around LEGOLAND. These steakhouses offer the best steaks to choose from. For Mexican food, there are also great spots and for some good old American burgers, you also have cool options around. So for your food and drink, you are covered.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre For Kids


If it's for a weekend getaway for the family or to have some family time, LEGOland is surely a good idea. We totally approve.

The exciting thing is that kids of all ages would find just the right fun activities to engage in and the adults are not left behind either! So hop on the next ride to LEGOland. Go have fun!

Driving Directions by car:

Driving Directions by public transit:

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