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The ultimate guide to visiting Johnson's Beach

About Johnson's beach:

Johnson Beach in Barrie is a small but fascinating place. This beach is quite private and hence you can see very few people there. Hence if you like to visit uncrowded places then this beach is a great place.

The beach can be found when you come across the end of Johnson streets where you can find a big batch of rigid paths. It is a perfect spot to visit with family or friends if you like private places.

Activities you can enjoy at Johnson beach:

Many people enjoy sun tanning, viewing the beautiful scenery here. They also enjoy swimming and playing in water. The visitors love the pleasure of the delightful scenery of the beach that stretches out across kempenfelt bay with the city's sky as a background.

Next, when you move further, the yacht club can be found to the other side. This spot is a perfect place if you are looking for a pretense of privacy. However, privacy is not free of cost. This is a charge of privacy except for the washrooms.

How can you reach Johnson beach? ( Way and location)

When you are traveling to the community of Barrie, Ontario, you need to keep going on the north end of kempenfelt bay along kempenfelt drive. Next after reaching the end of the street, turn right towards shanty bay Rd and again turn right to Johnson street. There you can find the parking lot at the corner where you can park your vehicle. And at the end of the street, the way to enter the beach could be easily found.

What are the Parking facilities in Johnson beach:

As the place is quite private and not very large, the parking lot is also small. So due to the small parking space sometimes people need to find Street parking.

Is this place pet friendly?

No. Pets are not allowed at the beach.

Though there's a signboard telling that pets are not allowed but still many people are spotted with their dogs at the beach. Hence it's up to you whether you bring your dog or not.

Kayaking in Jonhson's Beach Barrie, Ontario

What are the fees at Johnson beach?

Though the beach is open for the residents there's a parking fee of 10 dollars per hour.

(which may differ by a small amount with time).

However, as told earlier also that the parking lot is not much big therefore you might need to park your vehicle somewhere else.

Are washrooms available at Johnson beach?

Yes, public washrooms are available there. There is no charge for the washrooms. It is free of cost.

Guidelines about covid-19 for beach use:

If you visit the beach then it is your responsibility to follow the guidelines about covid-19 to make sure of the safety of your own as well as others. First of all, you must avoid visiting the beach if you have covid-19 or symptoms of it. You must also avoid going to the beach if you are exposed to any person with a corona.

Next, you must maintain a physical distance from others for safety. Must bring your mask and alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

As this beach is quite private and hence less crowded so it is safer than the crowded ones. You must also avoid going there in big groups to maintain your and others' safety.

Information you need to know about the beach before visiting:

One must follow the basic rules and regulations of the beach. It is important to maintain cleanliness wherever you go. So you must throw the waste or garbage in the garbage bins and keep the beaches clean. If there is no dustbin or the bins are full then you should carry the garbage with you. One must bring their food or snacks along as the beach does not have any stalls or shops. However, the shops are not very far from the beach. You also need to know that barbeques or other cooking machines or appliances are not allowed at the beach.

Smoking is also forbidden at the beach.

The washroom facility is available but not for 24 hours. The washrooms are available for use from 7 am to 7 pm at Johnson beach. You must carry the drinking water with you to the beach.

People can enjoy different activities like swimming, making sandcastles, sight viewing, etc. However, it is important to know that lifeguards are not available on the beach at the time but will be available from June in the day timings. Lifeguards are important for all, especially for children's safety. Previously no lifeguards were available at the beach, but according to their website, they would be available from this June for the safety of children and others. However, when they will be available, lifeguards on duty will be there.

Beach front view of Johnson's Beach Barrie Ontario

Pro Tips

  •   Perfect for Yacht lovers.
  •   Paid parking is available and charges are $10 onwards
  •   No tree shade available, so get your sunscreen for sure or an umbrella too
  •   Get your perfect walking shoes, some might find problems with rocks and pebbles
  •   Perfect place for early morning dips in the lake after a run
  •   This place has got South America vibes
  •   There are signs saying no dogs are allowed
  •   Vaping, smoking, and dogs are forbidden by-laws
  •   Regular scuba diving spot

An overview of the Johnson beach Barrie, Ontario Canada.

Johnson Beach is a nice, peaceful, less crowded, and beautiful place to visit. Especially in the summers people love enjoying the beach. The cold water of the beach and the cool breeze blowing provides a very cool, calming effect that pleases you on a hot summer day. You can enjoy swimming or making sandcastles, picnic with a beautiful view, and spend quality time with your loved ones. If you are a person who likes a less crowded place and wants to enjoy a calm place then Johnson beach is a perfect spot for you. You will definitely enjoy your stay with your friends or family.

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