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The Ultimate Guide to Evergreen Brick Works

Evergreen Brick Works center is a place where the world can observe practices that can contribute to prosperous future buildings and communities. Evergreen Brick Works invites about 500,000 plus guests every year to visit its market, and take an interest in events. You can experience new ways that question how we live in the cities.

Whether you're visiting out of curiosity or have been here consistently since we opened, there is continuously something especially intriguing occurring at the Brick Works. While the projects are continuously changing, some are staples that we love year over year. These activities attract more visitors and increase their popularity among tourists and locals as well.


History of Don Valley Brick Works

Another name for Evergreen brick Works is Don Valley Brick Works. The Initial state of this park was that of a quarry. Later on, it was transformed into a huge block-making site. The blocks made are used in the building of the city, due to which this site holds importance in Toronto's history. Important buildings including Casa Loma and Massey Hall were constructed with these blocks, which makes this place even more popular.

Toronto Evergreen Brick Works

After the 1980s, Evergreen block works started their project of converting some areas of Toronto to green. The innovative reuse of Brickworks building advanced, following maintainability standards. Various green innovations have likewise been displayed on the renovated site.

It took more time than 10 years for evergreen block attempts to advance and shape into their current structure.


Evergreen brickworks has presented an idea of green cities. It allows the world to follow an approach to a better, diverse, inclusive, and sustainable city in the future. The focus of Evergreen Works is to gather together locals, businessmen, and the government to encourage better ideas to improve the life of cities by making them more prosperous. The involvement of more people helps generate innovative ideas and variable aspects.

Operating Mechanism

Evergreen Brick Works operates as a social enterprise. This implies that the income generated is utilized to support our work across Canada. With an extraordinary plan of action, social endeavors are turning out to be progressively fundamental in the formation of a manageable economy. Through our different set-up of productive undertakings, Evergreen Brick Works fuel the main goal of making urban communities thrive. It does this by using its vast and diverse set-up of profit-making enterprises.

Here are some of the things that are a must to do at evergreen brickworks.

Evergreen Brick Works

Saturday Farmers Market

Saturday's market in the Evergreen Brick Works has turned into the biggest market in Toronto. This market opens all Saturdays throughout the year. The market began with about 25 farmers in 2007, but due to the fabulous response is received, its popularity increased. These markets provide individuals a chance to see the most extensive assortment of local food as well as foods of various seasons within the city.

Don Valley Park

The Don valley park is spread north of 200-hectares. It has associated areas and a significant parkland, where you can walk around the edge of the river and enjoy the peace of isolation. The craftsmanship establishments along the path will keep you excited. Another center point of workmanship in Toronto is made along the river. Artists from different areas have made craftsmanship pieces that discuss the set of experiences. These works of art have natural, social, modern, and native viewpoints. Each painting has its course of events, and Evergreen Brick Works offers workshops for artists, that drive them to visit Don Valley Park.

Weston family Quarry Garden

The Don valley park consists of the Weston family quarry garden which became the source of clay for brickworks for about a century. This 16.5-hectare park, which was previously a deep quarry, is now being used in brick making. Along the park's west, ponds of the park provide urban habitat for aquatic life.

Evergreen Brick Works Toronto Ontario

John Price Brick press

The Young Welcome Center has an amazing machine, which was initially being used at a block plant on Greenwood Avenue. This amazing machine which could produce 3,000 blocks every hour was sent over to the Don Valley Brick Works in the mid-1960s. The Press is described by Ontario Heritage Trust as "the most significant artifact onsite". This machine is preserved as a legacy of Evergreen brickworks as praise to this site's modern past.

The Revived kiln building

A sensational 52,000 sq. ft building was the place where the Don Valley Brick Works would fire and set their blocks. After the halt of production of the processing plant, the neglected site turned into a jungle gym for explorers and people who want to enjoy and take pictures. Presently, the space has been changed into the public center point for Future Cities Canada, which is the TD Future Cities Center.

Plant Positivity Gardens

Find a close companion to enjoy the beauty of the garden, around the fragrant spices in the Connect Garden. The tall corn stalks in the Thrive Garden, allow you to feel nature by getting lost in the field of corn. The six Plant Positivity Gardens, made in association with Aphria Inc., welcome you to reflect and absorb the positivity of nature. Taking an independent audio visit through every one of the nurseries also helps you to know the garden better.

Skating Rink

The unique rinks are developed with beams wound around the snowy gardens. The way all of this is organized, makes the nursery look enchanted and attractive. In case you don't possess skating edges; they take care of it for you. The blades can be rented from Evergreen brickworks. This help is accessible just in the winter and the best opportunity to go there is from December to March. Since it is an outside rink, its accessibility is likely to weather patterns.


A unique and different experience offered by Evergreen brickworks helps many people and their minds to gather at the same place to initiate new ideas to make plans for the betterment of the future of urban areas.

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