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The Ultimate Guide to Boler Mountain 

Do you want to visit a leisure site famous for cycling and skiing? Boler Mountain is a non-profit recreation club situated in London, Ontario Canada. In fact, you can describe it as a hill better than as a mountain. Boler Mountain features up to 16 distinct trails with different names and varying difficulty levels. Some of the famous skiing and snowboard trails are Apple Jack, Kennedy Kruzer, Red’s Run, Big Dip, and others.

History of Boler Mountain 

Boler Mountain's operation is not constant, but it added extensions with time. This operation was started in 1946 and the latest lodge was built in 1972. Between 1970 and 1980, there were three T-bar lifts present there. One of them was displaced in the 1990s.

Afterward, the remaining two lifts were displaced by a single quad-chairlift in 2003. A tubing hill was also added there in 1998. Now, Boler Mountain has a carpet of 16 trails. Formerly, it was known as the London Ski Club.

Facilities Available at the Boler Mountain 

The facilities at Boler Mountain are convenient for Londoners but they are quite small. In 2012, 3 quad chairlifts, a magic carpet, and a tube carpet (16 trails) are accessible to the public. Following is a brief overview of the facilities you can enjoy at the Mountain.

Ski Club

Boler Mountain is house to the London Ski Club. this club provides entertainment and combative skiing and snowboarding as well. Many races and competitions are also hosted in these mountains.

Track 3 Ski School 

London Track 3 Ski School is also a skiing and snowboarding club which dwells in Boler Mountain. This club provides secure and profitable skiing along with numerous physical and mental challenges.

Treetop Adventure Park 

It is the latest extension of Boler Mountain as it was added in 2013. This place is best for people who love natural beauty and want recreation. It is also best for healthy growth and sense development. The Treetop Adventure Park is present behind the ski trail and in Carolinian Forest.

Skiing at Boler Mountain

Swings, nets, zip lines, rope courses, and swinging bridges are for all age-people, but for safety reasons, height restriction is in effect. Harnesses are also easily available for your body's safety.

Events and Programs

Most of the programs held in the Boler Mountain are in Winter. According to the ages and skills of the students, the Snow School offers ski and snowboarding lessons are held. Disabled skiers are also taught there effectively by skilled trainers. London Ski Club Racing is an event suitable for all ages.

There are day trips and other adventure activities to entertain you. Moreover, Weekly Bike Racing events are also held at the site. Summer Adventure Camps are arranged for ages 6 to 14. Also, the Boler Hills is home to the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Visiting Hours 

If you want to visit Boler Mountain, you can visit only on Saturday and Sunday as the area is not open from Monday to Friday. The timings of Saturday and Sunday are 10 am to 4 pm. During these hours, you can admire the beauty of Boler Mountain.

Travel Restrictions at Boler Mountain 

Generally, there is no restriction on private travel but some terms and conditions are applied:

  • Wear face masks.
  • Keep a social distance of 2 meters.
  • Regional restrictions are applied.
  • State border crossing may lead you to test or quarantine.

Nearby Attractions

Not only you can enjoy the beauty of Boler Mountain but also you can visit the attractions nearby such as Hot Spring, Banting House National, Springbank Park, Komoka Provincial Park, The Royal Canadian, etc. Don’t wait and set out for an unforgettable weekend with friends and family in London, Ontario!

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the easiest way to reach Boler Mountain from London? 

The most convenient way to get to Boler Mountain from London is via driving. It only takes a 16 minutes drive by taxi or car.

  • How can I contact the national COVID-19 helpline in Boler Mountain? 

The national COVID 19 helpline number in Boler Mountain is 1-833-784-4397. Don’t hesitate to contact this number in case of any unusual situation or danger. 

  • Is it compulsory to practice social distancing in Boler Mountain? 

It will be better to maintain a certain distance in the days of pandemics. The social distance requirement in Boler Mountain is 2 meters. 

  • Am I allowed to go from Mississauga into Boler Mountain? 

You can easily travel from Mississauga to Boler Mountain but at the present moment, some travel restrictions operate within Canada. That is why you cannot travel much within Canada to go to Boler Mountain. 

  • Do I have to wear a face mask on public transport in Boler Mountain? 

Wearing a face mask on public transport isn’t compulsory but strongly recommended in Boler Mountain. 

  • Do you have to be vaccinated for Boler Mountain? 

There is no compulsory situation but Boler Mountain recommends all its staff be vaccinated, to ensure safety in the days of the global pandemic.

  • How can I get to the Boler Mountain?

Drive your vehicle to 89 Griffith Street London, ON N6K 2S5 to arrive at the Boler Mountain.

Final Talk

Are you excited to participate in the incredible adventure activities at the Boler Mountain? Boler Mountain Ski Resort can be your favorite picturesque site with multiple attractions and a lot of fun. Terminate your adventure with the longest zipline of Southern Ontario from the hilltop to the bottom. Hope this guide will be a useful asset for you to plan your visit to the amazing Boler Mountain.

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