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The Ultimate Guide to Black Creek Pioneer Village

Family time doesn't have to start and end with movies or funny cartoons all the time. Sometimes good old slides into past Canadian cultures and artifacts can make the best family get-together you have ever had.

The Black Creek Pioneer Village located in Toronto, gives you a sneak peek of what it felt like to live as a Canadian in the 19th century. Modeling some of the structures in the past, you also get to see and learn activities that were prevalent in those times.

If you are planning to visit the black creek pioneer village, we have created this guide for you. Keep reading to find out all you need to know to have the best experience ever.

Basic Information About The Black Creek Pioneer Village

Address: The Black Creek Pioneer Village is located at 1000 Murray Ross Parkway Toronto, ON M3J 2P3.

How to get there: First navigate to the pioneer village substation. The village is just a 10minutes walk from here.

Leave from the pioneer village substation at Steeles Avenue's south side which has the York university located on it.

Barrels At Black Creek Pioneer Village

Take Steeles west to Murray Ross Parkway. It should take roughly 7 minutes to complete this task. On your left, you'll see York University's football stadium.

Now look around, you would find a signpost for the Black Creek Pioneer Village when you approach the Murray Ross Parkway junction.

Then take left and head south continuously for at least 3 minutes upon crossing the street to the western end.

To your right, you'll see the entryway to Black Creek Pioneer Village and there, you have arrived. Get more directions here

Pets or No Pets?: Only dogs are allowed here, however, there are a few exceptions. Your dogs must be leashed and under close supervision.

Open and closing hours: The black creek pioneer village opens between the hours of 11 am-4 pm every day.

Tickets and Admissions: Tickets for admissions can be bought at a price starting at $11.76 for children, $16.07 for adults, and $12.86 for students. Toddlers at the age of 3years and lower are allowed into the village for free.

Parking: A convenient space for parking is available at a fee starting at $8.00 per car. There are also options for Multi-day parking if you're planning on visiting for more than a day.

Description Of The Black Creek Pioneer Village

Before we continue, we thought you might know a little about the black creek pioneer village, this would help make the experience more pleasing.

Established in 1960, Toronto's Black Creek pioneer village was a museum open to the public that was previously known as Dalziel Pioneer Park.

Reeanactment At Black Creek Pioneer Village

Toronto's North York district is home to the village, which is located just west of York University and southeast of the intersection of Jane and Steeles. A tributary of the Humber River, Black Creek, is visible from this vantage point and also serves as a tourist site for visitors to the black creek village.

Located in rural Ontario, the village simulates life in the early-to-mid-19th century by reenacting 19th-century everyday activities. Schoolchildren from the Greater Toronto Area regularly visit the village on field trips.

Getting The Black Creek Village Experience

One of the richest heritage experiences in the Toronto area can be found at Black Creek Pioneer Village, a living history museum. A variety of historical interpreters and craftsmen dressed in authentic period clothing will be on hand in the buildings and the surrounding gardens and farmyards to demonstrate and explain how people lived, worked, and played in the mid-19th century in rural Ontario. This allows you to relive that era, more like a time-traveling adventure.

Mill At Black Creek Pioneer Village

Did we forget to mention that there's also a gift shop where you can get artifacts and models you can place as decorative pieces in your home? Get yourself a beautiful gift to remember your experience!

Places To Explore At The Black Creek Pioneer Village

Cool places  you can explore while in the village are:

Daniel Stong’s Second House

This is home to Daniel and Elizabeth Stong and over sixteen years it has shown strength and endured the changing times. As a square-log cabin built with dovetailed corners and a fieldstone base, you would find artifacts and furniture that dates as far back as the 19th century.

There were plenty of rooms in this two-story building and was built for both their six sons and daughters, as well as visitors and hired hands. The house boasted clapboard siding, a brick fireplace, and a bake oven. A renovation took place in 1960. Now visitors alike can enjoy the view and a pleasant journey into the past.

The Halfway House Inn

The halfway house inn was built by Alexander Thompson in the year 1846-1847. Stagecoach passengers traveling from Dumbarton to Pickering would rest at this house when they reached Toronto. The building was designed in the Gregorian style and was originally used as a rest stop. As well as being a hotel and apartment building, the Halfway inn was a retail store at one point.

After some renovations, it was moved to the black creek pioneer village, and for years it has pulled lots of visitors and won their hearts.

Printing Office

The printing office was originally a Temperance Hall for the Sons of Temperance in Kettleby, this timber frame building was covered with vertical planks and clapboard siding. The building later served as the printing and weaving shop for the village. In 1968, the building was taken to the black creek pioneer village, restored, and was opened in 1971.

But before that, this building is ideal for fine work such as setting type, printing, and proofreading because of its high ceilings, white walls, and numerous windows. This now serves as a delight to visitors.


Where To Eat At The Black Creek Pioneer Village

For a wholesome experience at the Black Creek village, you may want to grab a bite to refuel as there are so many restaurants there to give you the satisfaction you need.

One of them is the Pavilion food and drink restaurant where you can have your fill for another exploring adventure. There are also other dine-in spots around the village where you can eat like Thirsty penguin which is a good option if you need a place to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also has an in-house pub.

This is just one amongst many options available around that area.


For the perfect family getaway, the black creek village is a great place to get a pleasant and educating family time.

So, dress and pretend like it's the 1860s because going to be a long exciting journey to a past filled with deep Canadian culture.

Driving Directions by car:

Driving Directions by public transit:


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