What You Need To Know About Carpet Beetles

One pest that is not as common is the carpet beetle. This tiny insect measures about 4 millimeters long with an oval body. Most species are either black or brown in color. Their color gives them the perfect camouflage to blend in with your clothes, dark corners, and of course, the carpet. They feed on fabric, grain, and other types of foods when they infest your house. You should always look for an exterminator in Vaughan when you see any of these signs. 

However, it is the larvae you should be more worried about. Like many insects, the carpet beetle undergoes three stages of metamorphosis. The larvae, the pupa, and the adult. Like most insects, the larvae are the most destructive stage. They exist to feed and sleep, nothing more. They can consume several times their body weight daily. The reason they eat so much is to build enough energy reserve for the pupa stage, which leaves them dormant for several days or weeks to grow, depending on the type of insect.

How Do Carpet Beetles Come Into Your Home?

Carpet beetles live mostly in forests and feed on pollen and nectar. However, like most nocturnal insects, they are attracted by light at night. That means if you have a porch lamp to illuminate your drive, it may attract carpet beetles. Once they are close to the light, they may be attracted by the light and warmth inside the house. Once inside, carpet beetles have access to pleasantly of food, water, and a warm environment. With no true predators in your home for them, they can quickly breed and spread in their new habitat that is your home. Once they lay their eggs and then sprouts into larvae, this is when your problems will begin.

Are Carpet Beetles Actually Dangerous?

Unlike some insects, carpet beetles do not contain any toxins. However, they can contaminate your food. The larvae feed on grain in your house, and you may need to throw your jar of flour away when you open it and find tiny little larvae packed inside. The biggest problem is how they feed on your clothes and create holes in the process. Unlike food, which you can simply cover with a led, with your clothes, it is much harder to protect. Once they come into contact with your clothes, both the adult insect and the larvae are very difficult to spot. They may end up eating your clothes without you knowing exactly what is damaging your outfits. 

How To Prevent Carpet Beetles From Entering Your Home

Prevention is always better, and for carpet beetles, this is especially true. The first thing you can do is switch off your porch lights at night. This way, the beetles will not be attracted by the light and not invade your home. Another easy way is to move the porch lights further away from the house’s entry points like windows and doors. This will remove the direct route for the beetles to enter your home. Finally, you can use bulbs with less attractive colors to carpet beetles like yellow and orange, ensuring you do not attract the insects to your porch in the first instance.

However, sometimes the damage has already been done, in this case, you can reach out to us at https://emergencypestcontrol.ca/ontario/vaughan/, and we will help you with the extermination. 

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