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The Ultimate Guide to the Toronto Music Garden

You must be wondering why a garden is named after music? Well, your question is quite understood able but let me tell you what this garden is famous for. It is the landscape of this garden from where it gained significant attraction. This garden is pleasant and attractive because the landscape is based on Bach music. Yes, you heard right that its exceptional landscape was inspired by Bach music from where it became a source of attraction. I bet you have never seen something as delightful as the Toronto music garden. Stay with me and have a read further for a better view of the garden.

History of Music Garden

Every place is renowned for a certain specific feature that makes it different from the others. The Music garden was created by one of the famous architects Julie Moir Messervy with the help of American cellist Yo-Yo Maa. The architect had a great combo with the cellist and as a product, they created the best masterpiece by using the cello's six composer suites. They created different sections of the garden in the form of music that was spread over 3 acres.

The music garden is considered to be a historical landmark because of its beautiful location and a classical architect that became the embodiment of two famous personalities. Even if you go today you can just feel the vibe of music that surrounds the entire environment of the park. Being one of the best places in Toronto you must have visited this man-made beauty.

Toronto Music Garden

Easy to Approach

Gardens are usually designed and organized apart from cities which makes t difficult for people to approach them. This has also been an issue for tourists from around the world. However, in the case of Toronto Music Garden, this is not the case. You ask why? Well, the reason is quite clear as it is right in front of the famous CN Tower.

This means that it is at the heart of the metropolitan and is situated on the harbor front of Toronto. Being at an enchanted location this garden attracts people from all around. You can even get a good view of the landscape from the harbor side while coming via yacht. I bet you would have never seen such a beautifully designed garden in your life. And this is still the outerlook as the inner side is yet to be explored.

Exclusive Features

This garden is not your typical garden that is beside roads. If you enter this garden you are going to feel like entering a maze where the maze leads you to every corner. The architecture of this garden is so exquisite that every track leads to some beautiful destination. You would be amazed from the moment you enter as you can find all species followers in this park. Just name it and you are going to find that type around.

Similarly, you would even forget that you are at the heart of a city. Its vibe is so amazing that you experience music while walking around the garden. There are 3 fountains in the park that you must specifically visit to be enticed by nature's beauty.  To be honest, normally a person hears music using ears but in a music garden you don't have ears to feel the music as just roaming around would give you a sensational touch of music.

Toronto Music Garden Entrance

Every year especially in summers an exclusive concert is conducted at the music gardens. I agree that you would have gone to multiple concerts before but enjoying a concert surrounded by nature is the best possible thing. At the music garden you are in a landscape of music and during such a concert it’s just that soothing music all around. You must attend this concert if you plan on visiting this cute garden.

What you are not allowed to do

I never understand why people tend to not adhere to the rules and regulations of the administration of a place. Gardens are an example of a portion of paradise and people need to follow certain rules. As far as the restrictions are concerned you are not allowed to take outside food in the garden. As some people throw things around the garden. Similarly, it is restricted to get indulged in any kind of sports activity.

Last but least is taking your pets but that is restricted as well. I would recommend you avoid taking anything that can hurt the beauty of the garden. There are already amenities for people inside the garden so you can simply rely on them.

Public Amenities

The public tends to visit a place where they can get one in all things. Well, that is quite a fact as you would prefer to go shopping in a mall as you get everything from one place whether it is good or clothes. You don't have to go the extra mile forgetting anything. So let's look at amenities that are provided to the public at Toronto Music Garden.


In the music garden, a café is established where one gets things for having lunch like pastries, sandwiches, smoothies, etc. That's the reason outside food is restricted as you can get many things from café. It’s a beautiful café as you are surrounded by a garden from all directions.

CN Tower Toronto Music Garden View

Drinking water fountains

As the park is spread over an area of 3 acres so for ease of people there are 3 fountains installed at different positions. These fountains also act as décor of the garden but you can get clean drinking water from these fountains.


Last but least is the wedding facility for the public. A specific area is defined by the administration that the public can book and arrange a wedding function as well. Just imagine the exquisite outdoor wedding that you can have there with flowers and trees surrounding it from all directions. Moreover, you also get a harbor from one side.


This famous architectural landmark is a must-visit place in Toronto as you get to experience nature and feel like moving around a cello-shaped garden. I hope this guide can be of help when you plan to visit Toronto Music Gardens.

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