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The Ultimate Guide to Toronto Botanical Gardens

The love for gardening can never be restrained as soon as you feel that thrive within your heart. The Toronto Botanical Gardens is the embodiment of horticultural activities and is the best place to visit for getting close to nature. Spanning over an area of 4 acres the garden has limitless beauty owing to the plants and flowers spread over a wide area. Many people come here for workshops for learning gardening tips and conduct tours for people.

Location of the Gardens

What most people don't like about going to a certain specific place is the distance. However, in the case of these gardens, you don't need to go far as are right next to the famous Edward gardens in North York. So you can say that it is more or less like your daily visiting place as it’s not far away from any dwelling. Just keep in mind Leslie street and Lawrence avenue for visiting. From highway 401 to south of Leslie street exit you would reach Lawrence avenue. You would go straight and take a slight right to enter the paring. Most interestingly you won’t have to pay for parking as it is free. So you can enjoy the garden the entire day without being worried. So what more to expect from a garden?

History of Botanical Gardens

The history of these gardens is linked to the famous millionaire Rupert Edwards who bought this property in the early 19th century. He was fond of gardens and continued to change the property as we wished to. Afterward, this property was sold to the Toronto administration to ensure that it remains a garden later. In the early 1950s, the park was opened to the public and its maintenance was left to the Toronto garden club. Even today, the garden is properly maintained by specialists to preserve its sagacity.

Toronto Botanical Garden

Moreover, the major aim of establishing this garden was to continue horticultural activities and become an area where practical gardening techniques can be applied. Even today the Toronto Botanical Gardens is an information center for spreading education about horticulture. So you can say that this garden is 2 centuries old and continues to be a source of attraction for people around the world.

Feature of Garden

Every garden has some specific features that make it stand out among others. Do you know that Toronto Botanical Gardens has won 17 awards for being the best-themed garden? Moreover, when you would think of visiting it make sure that you have all the time as once you're in you won't realize how time has passed. Starting from the multifarious species of plants that are present in the garden to different types of gardens, all are present here.

Furthermore, when you visit the garden you can find a green roof, a teaching garden, an herb garden, a bird habitat, and much more. The environment is so soothing and pacifying that you wouldn't want to leave the garden. Moreover, for a detailed guide to the garden

there's an app that was launched by the administration just so to help you to have a complete visit.

More interestingly, the gardens are not only limited to visiting but there are spots where you can enjoy some leisure time. A café is run by the administration where people stay for having lunch or breakfast to enjoy while being so close to the beauty of nature. This shop is used by people for requiring gardening tools and seeds in case they are planning to set up gardens at home.

Prohibited Activities

Are you planning to visit the Toronto Botanical Gardens? You must have some questions regarding certain activities, right? So let me tell you some of the activities that are prohibited while you visit these paradise gardens. Just to let you know that it is not a park but a garden, so consider the activities based on the theme of the garden.

Nobody is allowed to do a proper picnic or cycle in these gardens. The probable reason is that through such activities the garden would be ruined and it will become tough for the administration to manage things afterward. Furthermore, you cannot take your pet animals to the garden. All kinds of sports activities are restricted for everyone. It is just a visiting center and a source of garden education, not your regular picnic park.

Renowned Events at Botanical Gardens

Multiple events are conducted in the gardens around the year which is quite attractive. First of all every year for people who love organic things a market is hosted through which people come from around the world in search of fresh and organic things. For this, you can visit the garden on Thursday as it is limited to one day only.

Botanical Gardens Toronto

More to this, a free Edward summers music concert takes place on which everybody can come twice a year. The specialty of this concert is that in summers it is outdoor while in winters the conditions are opposite of summers. Many tours are also conducted here and they are also free of cost but there are certain limitations like time or day restrictions.  These events keep the people engaged with the gardens and make their visit more often.

Best Time to Visit

If you are reading this guide then it means you are focused on visiting the Toronto Botanical Gardens and I hope you are there soon. Now, you must know which time of the year is best to visit the garden. People who live in its surroundings are more or less not concerned as they can go anytime. However, if you are coming from any other country then time matters a lot.

Although the park is open for an entire year and you can visit anytime but ideally spring and summer is the best time. It is the time when the entire garden feels as if it were alive. All the flowers are bloomed and the beauty of these gardens is on another level. Many people prefer visiting the botanical garden at these times.

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Final Verdict

It is good to visit good gardens as that makes you close to nature and refreshes one from inside out. Similarly, multiple events are a source of attraction and a lot of people are there as well. Hope this guide would be of help to you. Thank you.

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