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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Albion Falls

Want to know about the most scenic waterfall of Hamilton? There are 12 waterfalls in Hamilton and Albion Falls is indeed the prettiest one among them. Situated in the Waterfall Capital of the World, Albion falls is 18 meters wide and 19 meters tall. It is a stepped cascade rippling over the Niagara Escarpment.

History of the Albion Falls

Albion Falls has a diverse historical background. The area around the waterfall was previously known as the Albion Mills. Previously it was the source of supplying water for the city are of Hamilton. Also, stones from the surroundings of Fall were used in building the Rock Garden of the famous Royal Botanical Garden.

How to Get to Albion Falls

If you are a hiking lover, you will follow the instructions given next. Don’t forget to wear suitable hiking shoes to protect your feet from water and avoid slipping. Ongoing to Albion Falls, you will start your journey from Oak Knoll Park. Indeed it is the nearest parking lot around Albion Falls. From there, you will go to the Mountain Brow Boulevard on Bruce Trail. During your journey, you will pass through Buttermilk Falls.

Falls View at Albion Falls Hamilton, Ontario

This is a trailer for the great Albion Waterfall. You need not worry even if you hate hiking and want to skip it. Two additional parking lots are available other than Oak Knoll Park. One is right to the Mountain Brow Boulevard and the other is on Arbour Road. From here, you can easily have access to Escarpment Rail Trail.

Spectacular Views of the Albion Falls

There is not only one way to experience the Albion Falls. If you are a nature enthusiast, you will like to view the amazing waterfall from multiple sites. Enjoy the incredible waterfall from various positions and capture photographs.

Experiencing the Bottom of Albion Falls

Presently, there is no access to the base of Albion Falls. The bottom barricade has been closed since 2013. But still, people cross Mud Street to go through the barricades. Far off the barricades, there are escarpment slopes and steps. You can see the Falls with a raised angle from there.

View from Sanctioned Overlook

Crossing Mud Street gives you a more sanctioned view of Falls. However, this side is a far distant view from the Falls that's why it is discouraging. Also, there is no other way to get to the bottom of the Falls from there.

Following the Bruce Trail

The stairway of going to the Albion Falls is to follow the Bruce Trail. Around the Bruce Trail, there is a guard rail having an open ledge. You will get a birds-eye view of the Falls from this ledge.

Freezing Waterfalls Albion Falls Hamilton, Ontario


Nowadays, the bottom of Albion Falls is inaccessible for people. The interesting thing is that you can visit Albion Falls in a wheelchair as well. About 200 meters, you can go from the Mountain Brow Blvd Parking Lot at Arbour Road located on Mud Street.


The Parking at Albion Falls is free of cost. Mountain Brow Blvd parking lot is the closest parking area you should consider. Great picturesque is just a very short walk from where you park your vehicle.

What to Eat

There are multiple spots near Albion falls to satisfy your food cravings. If you like craft beers, you can go to Clifford Brewing Co. Moreover, Ottawa Street North is full of charming restaurants. Different restaurants are famous for their different items such as The Cannon is special for its waffle sandwiches.

Boon Burger provides vegan burgers, beef burgers are available on HAMBRGR, and Gorilla Cheese is most visited due to its gourmet grilled cheese. In addition, for a creative menu, you can visit Caro Restaurant with a sunny setting.

Safety Tips

Follow the given instructions to keep yourself and your surroundings safe:

  • You have arrived in an environment-sensitive area. So, follow the marked paths and closure signs.
  • Many rare plants bloom there. Avoid damaging them.
  • Park your vehicle in special parking areas.
  • Avoid crossing or jumping rail tracks around waterFalls illegally.
  • Stay away from slopes or edges otherwise, they will be hazardous for you.
  • Keep your pets or children close to you.
  • Stay away from the fences and avoid climbing them.

Falls portrait in Albion Falls Hamilton, Ontario

Other Attractions Nearby

On your visit to Albion Falls, you can check out various nearby attractions to make your trip memorable. Here are some prominent names of the tourist attractions in the area you would like.

The Red Hill Valley Parkway

If you want to visit the restaurants, trails, and waterparks, go to the Confederation Beach Park through Red Hill Valley Parkway. Here you will find the city’s popular water park, the Wildwater Works.

Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology

Hamilton Musem of Steam and Technology is an interesting spot for those who love to explore industrial history. It is hardly a 10-minute drive away from the Waterfall.

Ottawa Street

Ottawa Street North is a historical area down the mountain. You will get a chance to visit the antique restaurants and shops. Ottawa Street Farmer’s Market is a popular destination there.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I swim in the Albion Falls?

There are many entertaining items for the tourists such as restaurants and parks. But, you can’t even go close to it where you can swim in it.

2. Can I visit Albion Falls with my children and pets?

Of course, you can easily visit Albion Falls along with your children and pets as well. You can freely take them along but keep them close to yourself.

3. How to get down to Albion Falls?

There are two ways to go down the Albion Falls walking. Either you can choose the Escarpment Rail or Bruce Trail or you can reach the Falls walking.

4. Is Albion Falls free?

Parking near Albion Falls is free of cost. Moreover, the parking lot is very close to the main destination.

Black and wahite photo of Albion Falls Hamilton, Ontario

The Bottomline

Albion Falls can be your favorite waterfall in Hamilton city due to its unique view. Visit and admire the picturesque scenery of the mesmerizing waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation. Try to plan your trip during off-peak hours or weekdays to avoid parking problems. Don’t hesitate and set out for the fantastic “Hike and View” experience!

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