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The Ultimate Guide to Belfountain Conservation Area 

Located on the Niagara Escarpment and falling to the West side of the Credit River Valley, the Belfountain Conservation Area is spread across a spectacular 32-acre property.

Here is your ultimate guide to the Belfountain Conservation Area.

The precise location of the conservation area is     10 Credit Street in Belfountain, Ontario. It is best known for visits during the months of April till October. The amazing weather during these months allows visitors to absorb the amazing views that the natural landscape provides. The site allows people to engage in trout fishing, engage in gatherings with family, and participating in hikes across the outcrops that are a part of the Niagara escarpment.

If you happen to visit the Belfountain Conservation Area during the spring, summer, and fall seasons you can engage in various activities.

Hiking in the Belfountain Conservation Area

Before you head out for a hiking across the trail, you might first want to choose a trail that matches your fitness level. Do check the weather before going and inform friends or family beforehand if you are going alone. Pack the essentials like bug spray, sunscreen, and snacks. Moreover, do no forget to bring a bottle of water. It is also recommended that you wear the right shoes with the right clothes, given the weather conditions.

Belfountain Waterfall

These are the trails that you can visit in the Belfountain Conservation Area.

  • The Trimble Side trail is 0.6km in length and runs along slopes that can get steep at times. It is not a loop trail, so once you reach the end you will have to hike back the same way. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that the Trimble Side Trail in the Belfountain Conservation Area is not stroller friendly.
  • The George Loop trail, as suggested by the name, is a loop trail. It leads to a river valley that is steep and runs through the outcrops in the Niagara Escarpment. Moreover, it interconnects with the Trimble Side Trail. It is also 0.6 kilometers in length and is not stroller friendly.
  • The Pond loop is a narrow trail that leads to the Belfountain pond. This pond, when you reach the top, also offers picturesque views of the belle fountain. This is a loop trail that leads to the parking lot as well as the belle fountain. Tis trail is 0.5 kilometers in length and, just like the two other trails, is not stroller friendly.


The conservation area also offers inclusive fishing experiences. You could be seasoned angler or even a beginner, the Belfountain Conservation Area provides equal opportunities to all.

You can engage in fly fishing. The parking lot at the conservation site provides access to the Credit River. Here, you can fish for brown trout and speckled trout. The former can be found below the dam while the latter can be found above the dam.

Do make sure that when you go fishing, you take along your own equipment. Moreover, you also need to check with the fish catching limits. While you can engage in fly fishing here, the Belfountain Conservation Area is does not allow ice fishing as it is closed down for the winter season.

Some More Things to Do

The Belfountain Conservation Area also allows you to walk your dog. However, there are some rules that you need to abide by. The dog needs to be on a leash for safety purposes.

Furthermore, you can also watch a wide variety of birds at the conservation site. The area boasts more than two hundred and sixty (260) species of birds. The forests of the conservation area provide a natural habitat for birds of various species.

The Belfountain Conservation Area is also open for filming and photography enthusiasts. There are a good many opportunities in the conservation area that allows photographers to engage in the activity and capture spectacular, picturesque views.

The landscapes of the area offer natural views, thus making it an amazing place to film.

In order to photograph or film on a professional level, you need a permit. However, it is only required when more than 8 people are involved. Moreover, the drone photography is not permitted, but a permit can be acquired for research purposes as well as educational purposes.

The Belfountain Conservation Area also boasts more than four hundred distinct species of plants. This widely spread forest is what gives the area room for multiple habitats and the various animal species found there.

The Belle Fountain in The Conservation Area

When you visit, you can see limestone cliffs with crystal-clear freshwater flowing away. The area also sports a dam which is known as the belle fountain. It also has a suspension bridge which gives an incredible view of the fountain. It also boasts to be home to the Yellowstone Cave.

River At Belfountain Conservation Area

Events in The Belfountain Conservation Area 

The conservation area is also open to special events for the public. The residential site is open for weddings as well as various other outdoor events. Thus, if you are planning a conference or a birthday, you can book the location.


The parking fee (combined with the entry fee) is 20 USD. Moreover, in order to assure entry and parking, you need to book two (2) hours in advance, and you can get a two-hour slot. It is more than enough to cover the entire area.

The Belfountain Conservation Area is a great destination for people to visit. Among many other facilities, there are indoor washroom facilities that are accessible to every visitor. It is well maintained as well. The staff in the conservation area is extremely helpful and friendly, and will help you navigate through the area.

While you drive towards the conservation area, there are restaurants that you can check out nearby. You can go for a quick bite before or even after your visit.

It is recommended that you visit on a weekday, if possible, because it can get crowded on weekends. Moreover, avoid the trails after rainfall for safety purposes.

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